Just purhcased Season Pass for Forza 4 from Amazon.com

Yakov, idk if what youre trying to do is possible in terms of making the dllc available for everyone. they would be able to download everything yes but it wouldnt work because they would need your license in order for it to register in game. I just tried it with some Black Ops dlc i downloaded a while ago when I had my other account.

@xChapter IV: A few years ago I copied all of the DLC from my 360 to a flashdrive and pasted it onto my dad’s 360. It allowed him to use all of the free cars but the paid cars remained locked. I’m thinking that if I bought the season pass on his 360 it would unlock access to the first 6 car packs, and because my copied data is on his HDD he wouldn’t need to download anything. I would test it myself, but I don’t wanna spend $30 on the season pass when my dad doesn’t even play FM4 anymore. Which is why I wanted to try it with someone who’s already bought the season pass but didn’t download the DLC packs before they were removed from the marketplace.

Nvm what this said previously I didn’t read what you said properly. Anyway I recently bought the season pass fron gamestop for 15 dollars but as the cars were EOL’ed by then I couldn’t download them so you could try with me. Plus I have a birthday coming up in less than 2 weeks (on the 21st), so I would really like to have a go at some of the dlc cars from the Season Pass. Mainly the older ones as they’re more to my taste personally and as I can’t tell the difference between most 1990+ cars, however my mom and sister would like the rest as well. I also have at least 60,000 credits reserved for getting a Bel-air in the car shop.

Get the go ahead from johniwanna or Helios for me and then I’ll put up one of the packs. Still worried about the possibility of a license transfer, but I guess I’ll take the chance.

I took a chance on the Amazon Porsche expansion pack today and that was lucky enough to still d/l so I’m very interested if this can be done (legally and with T10 blessing) and I’d buy the GameStop car pass. Well, I’d beg someone on this board in the USA to buy it for me and I’d cash them up for it :slight_smile:

No need to beg it’s on the website. So if you can access the website which you should be able to, then you can buy it.

I’m not in the USA so it might not be possible.

Alright I just PM’ed Helios now I just need to wait and see if it’s alright.

Hi Yakov,

Still no response from Helios to you have a contact for johniwanna so I can try him?, to all others yes you can buy the Porsche Expansion and download it with the redeem code option. I bought mine from Canada Microsoft Store and it worked fine about two weeks ago, I also sent and e-mail to Microsoft about this but no reply as yet.

gsxrboy750au you can buy the Season Pass from Amazon with no problems, but when I told them I couldn’t download through the Marketplace I suggested that they stop selling the pass so others didn’t fall into the same problem I have.




Hi Yakov,

No response from either at present, any other possible contacts?



JONK1969 is the last guy I can think of.

Thanks I will try him

I was already talking to JONK1969 and he said Gamestop and Amazon weren’t even supposed to be selling the Season Passes.

I just bought the FM 4 season pass at Microsoft Canda store at CA$14.99 (15.74 with Tax). Successfully redeem the code at xbox.com and now just need to wait until go home today to check at FM4. I’ve download the free car pack before so i believe i should be able to unlock all cars,

Has anyone tested this without having gotten the free pack before? I’m asking because that’s my situation. Seems weird for the Microsoft store to be selling this and people who didn’t get the free pack are blocked from the DLC.

Nope, as all DLC removed and the season pass is only a key (noted the file size) which you still need to have the car pack in order to unlock it. If you have download the free car it’s actually the whole car pack but without season pass DLC you could grab 1 free car only.

Update as below, when i back and turn on my console, i download the Season pass (as the 2nd 360 is not the home one), then once i go into the game, i can see “new” tag available and so, yes, if you have the free car pack downloaded before, you can still purchase season pass whenever available. :slight_smile:

What if you have the 2 disc edition (and installed all cars packs available off the disc on initial install) and previously redeemed/downloaded VIP cars after entering a code, (edit- actually can’t remember if I got to redeem a VIP code before or not, will have to check), would that be sufficient to trigger dlc that might have be got in either of those ways (if they were enough to get the required car pass data)?

Unfortunately the season pass car pack is another set which is different from VIP, i also got the 2 disc edition for FM4 but you still need to download the free car before in order to unlock all the cars at season pass.