Just purchased One Kinect - how to use ANNA?


I’ve owned the non-Kinect Xbox One version.

A friend sold me his used Kinect and I just connected it with my console, went through the settings, spoke to Xbox properly and made sure I was visible. All set and done, Xbox Kinect works fine.

Now I wanted to try it out on Horizon2 so I quickly booted the game. I did not get any notification or message on how to use ANNA… ever. So I assume reading online you have to just say “Anna” and it should give me some commands.

So far nothing comes up when I say “Anna”, while during free roam, in menu or in map.

I did notice that the red lights go off when im playing but turn on during menu and map.

Can someone help me out please?


no one can help me with this?

The best way to use ANNA is to say the entire statement in one go.


Instead of:

ANNA [show menu] NEAREST [show updated menu] EVENT

I see there’s no setting in FH2 to turn Kinect on, so best I could guess is completely quit out of the game and reload. If that doesn’t work, sounds like you found a bug.

Just wondering, although you mentioned something slightly: can you use Kinect talking to your entire Home-screen correctly for things like Achievements or Record That (in a game)? Have you also tried reconfiguring Kinect to act as microphone for (party-)chat on other games/apps than FH2?

Personally, my experience with Kinect while gaming is limited although my UK-region One will open ANNA in FH2 when my parrot shrieks but not when I talk out loud :frowning:

Anna can be both shy and finicky. If you do not say her name right, she will ignore you. Try talking louder but do not yell.

As I understand it, the game was made in Europe. Try saying her name in different European accents.

So I tried complete shut off (power out for few minutes) and rebooted the xbox.

Same results. Anna is not responding, even when I say complete phrases.

Xbox can clearly hear me on the Home screen, even in FH2, I can use the command “Xbox Record that” and it would work on the first try.

I tried different accents (english is not my first language but I am extremely fluent and have a neutral accent). Heck, I even tried playing the following infront of kinect [How to pronounce Anna? (RECOMMENDED) - PronounceNames.com] - none of these worked! lol

Now I’m wondering maybe it’s a bug, the game may not recognize kinect if you never had it from the start? I’ll test by creating a new profile and starting a new game on it.
I’ve already completed the horizon championship twice and I’m at level 150+ on my profile.

Do you see the word ANNA in the bottom left corner of your Hud? I can’t remember the exact wording but it’s “say Anna” or something similar.

The best way to use Anna is to turn GPS voice of and disable her worthless, annoying, nagging voice in the menus.

The best way to use Anna is to use headphones in a quiet room.

Ok - this is resolved.

I had to play one of the festival races and after I was done playing, the game introduced me to Anna. The “Say Anna” command started to show up at the bottom left as pointed out by JeHor.

Afterwards, Anna was able to hear me clearly. No issues at all. I believe the game had to ‘introduce’ me to this feature, which it hadn’t before since I never had Kinect.

I must say the Kinect is pretty good with hearing audio - even though its not recommended to have the Kinect near a speaker, my Kinect sits right on top of the center Onkyo speaker, yet it works perfectly fine…

Thanks a lot guys!

Many thanks for this, having just got my Kinect and having spent an hour shouting Anna at my Kinect/TV/XBox this resolved it for me :slight_smile:

The best way to use Anna is to avoid saying that name and hope she never pops up.

I do believe that you have to be introduced to the feature during the tutorial at some point before it works. Hope you don’t live with anyone named Anna - I’ve turned my kinect off due to my sister - stupid Anna in game kept popping up taking over…