Just How Stock is STOCK?

Is stock defined as “AS PURCHASED”? Or - Are adjustments to as purchased performance parts allowed?

The discussion comes up every once in a while. We all know about racing in an league, or hopper where the rules have limited vehicles to their stock form. Clearly, this does NOT include the appearance of the vehicle. We all know you can add a livery and remain “STOCK”. And we all know it does preclude the addition or interchange of any performance parts.

But what about tuning? Can tire pressure be changed? What about vehicles that include adjustable performance parts in their stock configuration. Can adjustments to these parts be included in “STOCK”?

“Stock” specifically refers to the “Force Stock Upgrades & Tuning” option in Lobby options.

When a car is “Stock”, anything that can potentially affect its on-track performance is reset to be exactly the same as when you first buy the car, or use an equivalent Rental version.

Liveries do not affect car performance, and therefore can be applied.

Any adjustable parts that come with a car (such as tyre pressures) are reverted to their default levels when you race in a “Stock” hopper.

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I frequently race in a private lobby with several members of my family (my brother, 4 cousins, my uncle, and yes, my 65 year old father).

One of my cousins in that race group (who at the age of 23, is the youngest in the group by almost a decade), is also a mechanic. One of our favorite races to run is stock American Muscle, usually on the Sonoma short track. For our purposes, stock includes no alterations of any kind (other than paint), because the point of racing stock muscle cars is that the poor handling provides a significant challenge. Something as simple as a tire pressure or suspension adjustment (note, I don’t tune, so I have no idea if the stock suspensions are adjustable on most muscle cars) could provide a significant advantage.

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YOU got a PROBLEM with OLD GUYS? (hehehe) We’ll whip yer butt!!!

Thanks guys for the responses. I never thought that you could save any kind of tuning - NOT EVEN TIRE PRESSURE - but the subject came up last night in the Miata races.
With so many credits and so little opportunity to give ANYTHING away, I have SEVERAL Miatas. Why? Couple of reasons.

ONE - It keeps folks guessing - Who’s in that car? Where’s GATOR???
TWO - NOW THIS is the IMPORTANT ONE - Decal placement, paint color and thickness affect performance!!!


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Aye, and using chase cam views slow ya down, all that aero drag from the camera :wink:

From my point of view, handling upgrades and adjustments as one package takes off some nice options from Forza. And also is not realistic, especially fro race cars. Illegal to change parts on a race car or remove restrictor, so far OK. But no adjustments, that’s somewhat silly … sorry. But this is what Forza is … I don’t expect change.

If stock is the requirement, you should be able to tune the car, to include gear ratio changes if applicable, tire pressure adjustments etc. I don’t think “stock” means you cannot tune the car, or am I wrong?

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In this game stock means “setup locked.” Everywhere else it’s a reference to a piece of equipment maintaining the same hardware configuration it left the factory with.

Only in Forza would a car with adjusted tire pressures not be considered stock.

I only recently received the memo on this as well, when I asked about how to tune the Lotus for this week’s league to be less twitchy.

Stock is like really stock, Like totally stock

“THERE IS NOTHING STOCK ABOUT A STOCK CAR!” sorry… had to take the opportunity to quote the great character “Harry Hogg” played by Robert Duvall in Days of Thunder! LOL

PJTierney is correct as far as what “Stock” means in Forza. Unfortunatley, many times, the “stock” Forza car is not really the same as the actual production model of the car. But with over 450 cars in the game, I don’t expect minute tuning and parts to be exact. For the most part, the “stock” cars handle well enough to mimic their real-life counterparts.

To me personally, a “stock” car is one that has not been altered at all from the time it left the factory and/or dealership. NASCAR and the like bother me because they are in no way “stock” cars. They are race cars with very strict specs and tuning regulations, but they are far from resembling anything stock.

As other’s have mentioned, I don’t like running stock because part of the fun for me is the mystery of your opponent’s car. You can’t tell how a person is going to drive based on their car, because they have room within that PI class to adjust the car as they see fit. Makes for much more interesting races.

I love racing with stock cars for the very simple reason that you drive the car as authentic as possible. Forza is IMO way too heavily focussed on upgrading and tuning already, it allows people to tune out the negative features of a car but at the same time it also kills whatever characteristics that make said car unique. In the end you will end up with a bunch of tuned cars in a division where every car basically feels the same as the one next to it.

Does your car have a bad gear ratio? Or it hangs too much in corners? Those are the defining characteristics of that car! See it as a challenge and if it’s not your thing, try another car.

About a year ago in GT6 we were with a group of people doing the seasonal events in bare bone stock cars and then tried to win the race with as low “PI” as possible, it was so much fun and each time I was surprised how some cars you don’t expect much from can really shine, and vice versa.