Just having fun

Hello race fans,
Iam looking for some racing buddies here. I am a decent driver. I will enentuall do some online racing but for now I would like to meet some of you. I am 51 yrs and retired.

It all depends on what time you can race on, I normaly race on 4pm sat and sundays my time (UTC + 10:00).
About half the lobby is 50+ and we have a handicap system so we have closer racing with collions off.

Thanks for the reply,
I live in indiana which is eastern standard time for most of the state. I admit I am a little confused on the time table, but I can figure it out.
I like the idea of racing in a league, mostly the same players at a set time?
I have not yet signed up for Xbox live but plan on doing it in a month or two. I just got the Xbox a few days ago, after my first xbox one broke weeks after I bought it. I had to start all over in the career mode, I now have a different gamer tag also.
I did get a little spendy, new tv, a play seat and Logitech wheel, pedals and shifter. I didn’t realize I needed an adapter.
I haven’t figured out how to use the H pattern shifter yet. The paddle shifter works fine but have just been running automatic until I get motivated to to burn my brain out figuring the H pattern shifter.