Just another painter booth

Hello everyone. I’ll just drop off some liveries and photos in this topic. Feel free to post your own creations, give feedback and share your creationsecrets. :wink:

I call this one Katana:


Looks good! You could try it on a Matte car with gloss decals to make the swords shine more than the car.

but then I would lose that dark black(even if it can go a bit darker,…)
Ok, the black still looks nice. but the sword shines less. :sweat_smile:

And another Porsche. Changed the crest a bit and added katanas. Everything gets better with katanas, right?. Called it Ninjawerks.

Sharecode: 128 035 118

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You guys like colorchanging effects?

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Yeah cool! I do that sometimes. You can make it look 3D too. As you tilt you see more of a side of something. The problem is that your HUB doesn’t allow the word 3D in the text so you can’t tell someone that it’s 3D.

Have you tried 3dimensional? :sweat_smile:
But yeah, displaying cool effects in the tumbnail doesn’t work. Or I just don’t know about it.
Btw made a suggestion for a diashow because of this,… :

One of my older liveries,… going to sneak them in here from time to time. :sweat_smile:

Nice layering on that Integra. Great work!

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Made this livery to put it on the Singer DLS. Sadly it wasn’t very kind to it (another bug,…). So here is the Carrera RS I used to create it.