June Mountain Dew Car Pack

All those people complaining are hilarious. Just because you don’t like the cars that doesn’t mean the pack it’s [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]. I love weird and quirky cars so for me this pack is great. Don’t care about the Lotus and Ferrari but the rest is awesome. If you don’t like it, skip it.


I’m so excited, I can’t hardly wait! I don’t remember most of these cars in the last few games so it will be fun to pay $, all over for them again so I can… oh nvm… it’s not even fun to troll this anymore. God im bored… back to shift 2…

F50: yay! Eclipse: cool! Rest: meh.

Hopefully be able to buy a single car…


Yes you can buy single car . But prefer is to buy all one and test them

Time to reiterate this since it’s the start of the month:

Don’t like it?
Don’t buy it.

Nothing in this pack interests me, so I won’t be buying it. Not saying the cars are objectively bad or anything, simply stating that the allure of additional cars doesn’t appeal to me when the base game has so many good ones I haven’t used yet :wink:


Not a bad pack. It has been a long while since the F50 GT made an appearance! (FH1 if I remember correctly). I’m glad they’re still releasing car packs, hope this continues.

I guess so while there’s still some more “milk” to be got out of the old cash cow she’s not ready for the glue factory yet…

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There’s usually one hero car of the group that is not available as a $2.99 download; pack-only. Given the pack image, it’s likely to be the Ferrari F50 GT that you’ll only be able to get if you buy the entire pack. (but I don’t know that at this moment)

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the next car pack should be better than what we got today but what i’m thinking about is a pack that 50 cars in it and they not being boring cars. but they should be like some lambos, ferraris, mercedes, and things like that and not holdens, hondas, mercurys, mazdas, bmws, toyotas, and things like that

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Holdens: It’s an Australian-based game with Australian cars. Plus I like Holdens.

Hondas: Hondas are awesome, unrivaled engineering and great driving experience…it makes me sad to see that there are not much to be found in FH3, we need more.

Mercurys: Cougar Eliminator, bro.


BMWs: Bimmers are awesome, you need a fact check.

Toyotas: They are also cool, we need an MR2 to play with.

We have enough Lambos, Ferraris, and 3-star cars in FH3. I’m sorry to break it to you but supercars don’t solve everything.


While not a great pack for me, I am looking forward to the Vega. I bought a 1974 GT brand new in 1973. It will bring back some memroies.

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Probably my least favourite DLC outside of Forza 5. I don’t find returning cars as DLC all that exciting, no matter the car and especially as Forzathon has been used as a great way of getting those cars back.

F50 GT - the modelling looks low quality in the trailer, looks like it came straight from Forza 4.

Dart - I’ve always wanted more regular cars in Forza, but I’d rather see them in the base game than having to pay a premium for them. Now The rallycross version would have been fun and something to keep the Focus RX company.

Gremlin - Not bad if it was a Forzathon prize, just not interested at it being DLC.

Vega - doesn’t do it for me, much prefer the Ford Maverick Grabber.

Eclipse - As much as I dislike having last gen Forza cars being sold as DLC, having a Forza 6 cars as DLC just doesn’t sit right with me.

3-Eleven - I like this way better than the 2-Eleven, looked like a fat Elise, but this one looks way more “racey”.

Holden FX- I don’t use the pick up, so I doubt this would see any use from me.

Odd they’d do a low key car pack after the Hot Wheels DLC, I thought they’d want to try and hook the new people with more exiting stuff than small family cars.

Its not that I hate these cars, its that there are soo many new to Forza cars in Horizon that I like so much more and there isn’t much to do with them now the map is stale.

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Hopefully I can just buy the F50 GT and wait another month in hopes for some decent cars… I’d have high hopes for the vega but you know it’s just gonna have forza bumpers and a blower option for the hood.

I still don’t get why they’re throwing in recycled old FM2 cars with barely upgraded poly counts as DLC…

Once more I would like to thank you for a car pack that half of the cars are great but not for forza sometimes I feel sorry for the money I spent on the game I hope horizon 3 or whatever it will be to focus more on cars and the wheel spin rewards to be at least 10k or more and the cars something better than 79 Camaro z28 class B and above it I’ll be better. And it’s not that bad to left behind some of the cars that are existing from horizon 1 pacer x, 77 v8 vantage, Subaru svx, Volvo 1800E, 95 svt cobra r, who drives those and some other cars.

Mostly bland cars, I just hope there’s a good barn find… Or even a barn find.

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This is a pretty good pack, I’d enjoy it. I won’t be buying it though, I used to be excited for car pack releases, but now not so much that they’re not covered by the Car Pass. I may buy all post pass packs when they’re all released, but I’m sure as hell not going out and buying them individually.

2016 Lotus 3-Eleven - Pretty cool, could make for some interesting builds.

1951 Holden FX Sedan - I’d be excited for this one if I was buying the pack right away, but alas. Significant vehicle, Potentially some body mods for this.

1996 Ferrari F50 GT - Meh, the F50 is cool, but we’ve already got one.

2013 Dodge Dart GT - I could sit here and say it’ll lead to some cool builds, but I can’t see many being done that aren’t either V12, twin turbo, AWD, or a V8 rear wheel conversion.

1971 Chevrolet Vega GT - I’ve liked this car for quite a few years now, nice to see it in Forza.

1973 AMC Gremlin X - This is the car I’ve been most excited for it coming to Forza, unfortunately it’s in a pack that ain’t covered by the pass.

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - Nice to see this back, but see above.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your logic. You won’t buy the packs now, but will when they are all released?! That makes 0 sense, unless of course your assuming they will release a large bundle, like they’d do with Forza 6, which is even more dumb because then you are just buying things twice.

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I’m not sure if you’ve seen my posts on this matter in the past, but I’ll reiterate it here.

I don’t have billing information set up on my Xbox/Microsoft account, as I know what I’m like, and if I have it on there I’ll end up making impulse purchases. To get digital content, I need to travel for about half an hour to my nearest Game store to buy an Xbox card thingamajig, then travel home for the same length of time. This makes me think twice about whether I really want something, stops me overspending on my gaming habit.

Because of this, I’ll wait till all the after Car Pass packs are released, so I know exactly how much in Xbox Cards I’ll need to buy to cover them all, rather than heading out every month to top it up £5 at a time, I can get them all in one go. I did make an exception for the Porsche pack, because I naively assumed that that would be the only after Pass pack released. I’m not too sure why I assumed that, that one’s my own fault.

Really though, I’d like to see the Car Pass cover all the car packs.

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When you say it that way it makes much more sense.

Apologize if I came off wrong.