Issues with leaderboard

I already got almost a week problems with the leaderboards. Loading slow (or not available), not always get the leaderboard bonus when driving in rivals, mini leaderboard not loading. Loos like almost the same problems as there where around new year.

Are there any known issues. I checked my internet connections and that is ok.

Online leaderboards on the website are also down. Are these going to be fixed?

This is unbelievable. Web leaderboards have been down for almost a month and no one even acknowledged it.

This really shows what kind of company we are dealing with.

Modeling characters being spawned into start of race, leaderboard issues, game crashing at random, game crashing right after intermission in lobby. These are all issues from the very start of the game. And the bad thing is that they were all addressed right away. And the community was told that they were working on it. It is painfully obvious that these guys are not helping with these issues. Wish they wouldn’t lie to us. Been playing since Forza 2, and when there was a problem back then it was fixed right away. I don’t know what happened since then, but if a good competitor comes Forza will struggle. With so much money at their fingertips and nothing being done with the issues the entire life of the game so far is disgusting. About to give up on turn 10 completely.