Issue with new gallery - only shows old deleted photos?

Hello, idk if this is the right place, but the photos in the new personal gallery are old ones that I deleted and when I try adding new photos, they don’t appear on it. Is anyone else facing this issue?

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Yeah, I’ve been having the same issue with mine. I’ve unshared and reshared new photos, cleaned out my gallery, and nothing’s changed.


Same, they only made one big problem for forza photographers


I think it had to do with the new update. I logged out and logged back in and it fixed it for me.

We’ve noticed multiple users mention issues with the new Gallery and we want to diagnose it with the community’s help. If you still see issues after rebooting and refreshing your browser, please provide the following:

For new photos not appearing in the gallery:

  • which game
  • which date you shared the photo in game
  • share code (if available)

For photos you think should not be appearing in the gallery:

  • which game
  • name of the photo
  • date
  • Did you unshare the photo in game, or did you delete it completely?

Having these details will help solve the issue and we’ll get on it promptly.

These are the photos that are showing up today for me Screenshot - bc03453e686baa05357592fcf89badae - Gyazo

there should be quite a few others (check my gallery in game) and yesterday there was one showing that wasnt mine along with other ones of mine that arent showing today

Hadnt logged into the game in a while so logged in today to see if that would kick start my gallery. In game i have 67 photos and now im getting this Screenshot - 092adf143984b14a752967aede5f9608 - Gyazo
actually 66 photos (one cant be public i suppose)

I have 121 shots shared on my creative hub and only 50 of them appear on the online gallery. Perhaps there is a limit of 50 on the site or something. At one point, there were duplicate shots, but they cleared up. Newly shared ones now appear, cheers for fixing that btw.

  • which game - Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 5, but I reckon it’ll spread to Forza Motorsport 7 as well
  • which date you shared the photo in game - there are 71 which is not on the gallery
  • share code: in case you need one for diagnostics, 348 199 922

I’ve done a mixture of deleting and unsharing. I think all the deleted ones have cleared up now for me

Also, I am having issues getting to the My Forza page with the error “There was an error while signing you in with Xbox. This account may not have an associated Xbox account.”. It fails every time on Edge, just started failing on Opera but works currently on Firefox on my device.

Also, is there an answer for the 2nd part of my post?

Please fix!

It looks like we’ve resolved the new and deleted photo issue. For login, try going to and logging out of your account, then come back to login at Clearing cache may also help.

For those that have more than 50 photos shared in game, please confirm if only the older ones are not showing (as in only the most recent 50 show in MyForza), or if there’s some mix.

No luck sadly

They are all my newest 50 shots, yea