Issue with Merkur race car

Well, the car looks the part but however Turn 10 messed up the car’s exhaust sound clip because it sounds like a turbo four cylinder instead. You even look under the hood and it’s a V8.

Hopefully this is patched quickly because that is a HUGE goof.

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It ran with a turbo 4 in it for the first few years of competition, but I didn’t think the V8 came until 1988…

So we have a 1986 car that for some reason has the V8 from 1988, but the sound is correct-ish for the turbo 4-banger from 1986… Neat.

The 1988 Merkur is the same car as the 1986 one, except bumped up to GTO spec by replacing the turbo I4 with a V8. It even ran with the same sponsors and number. So, it’s easier to just change the year of the car instead of changing the engine. Torque graph is from a V8 anyway.

The sound is another story…