Sound Glitches/Errors

I just noticed this when I was tuning my cars. It’s not a big issue, but it’s kind of annoying and I think it needs patching. It’s very simple. I took one of my cars and swapped the engine. I took out the Inline-4 and put in a V8. Now here’s the thing. I didn’t like the V8 in it, so I put the Inline-4 back in. I went into Forzavista to take a look at it. I got in the driver’s seat and started it up. This is where things get weird. I revved the car up (after I swapped the Inline-4 back in) and it still sounded like the V8!! That must just be a bug they overlooked but I think it deserves some looking at. When you go into forzavista immediately after taking out your engine swap, it still sounds like the engine you unswapped. When you go into Test Drive or something, it will sound like the Inline-4 and when u go back into Forzavista after test driving, it’s back to normal and it sounds as it should in Forzavista. But when you immediately go to Forzavista after taking out the swap, it will still sound like the swap is still in the car, even thought it’s not. It fixes itself after you get into another car or test drive or whatever, but it’s still kinda weird and it deserves getting looked at and patched. It’s small but a mistake is a mistake nonetheless.