Issue with American car pack.

There is no topic related to the problem i have. It seems like the car pack cost $5 and said that i should be able to download it free if i have the car pack pass for it.
But it keep showing up as $5 under the store. and i did try to reinstall the pass still not working.
Anyone else having this error?

Once you finish the update they should be in “buy cars” waiting for you to spend your hard earned credits on.

I have car pass as well and i just updated and there they were.

Yeah, same as CorruptedSanity. Once the update was completed, the cars were already in the list, no need to download the car pack separately.

oh thanks bro. seem everything included in patch.

I haven’t purchased the Car Pass yet but I plan on doing so in a couple weeks, Does anyone know if I will still get the Road America car pack for free still even though I downloaded the update first?

I’m guessing once you buy the car pass, it will unlock the Road America Car Pack with the other car packs.