ISO white C6R ZR1

Back in forza 4 I had seen a white C6r ZR1 that was part of a design contest. I messaged the creator and he said it was only for the contest and he hadn’t released it to the storefront. Now I can’t find the guy, and I would really like to have a similar design for Forza 5. It was a part of the Corvette 60th anniversary design comp. If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Gavo1115

Well, after searching I wasn’t able to fund anything to my liking. So with a little bit of spare time I come up with this! It wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome vinyls made by you guys! I’m not that creative lol.

You did a nice layout it looks very well put together. I’m not sure who your talking about because there were so many good artist in Forza 4. I myself have done a lot of Corvette paints and also TurboPropGuy had done a lot of nice Corvettes. This is one paint I did in 4 that I could remake in 5 or make something like it.

After looking through some old photos I found that I had actually took a screen shot of the paticular design I was in search of. I searched for the creator on Forza 5 but couldn’t find anything. I like that design a lot, that AcDelco is different but I like. I believe the search for designs and vyinls should be improved on a lot. Your only options are by preselected words, your words and gamer tag. If they could incorporate an advanced search it would help a lot of the good painters be more easily discovered. We have to come to the forums and dig through to find what we are looking for.

That’s the screen shot.


He was a good painter and cool guy. He’s not been in FM5 thats why you cant locate anything.
Fingers crossed he’ll return in FM6 (if his wife lets him out haha!!)


^^^^yeahh yeahh alex-stevens wife, L O L

I got back on Forza 4 and checked out some of his designs, they’re pretty sweet. Hopefully he returns for 6! I can relate to the wife issues though lol.