Isdera Imperator 108i 1984-1993

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Isdera Imperator 108i

Based on the rejected Mercedes-Benz CW311 Concept from 1978 the Imperator is a continuation of that project but carried into low-volume production by the Designer (Eberhard Schulz) and his own Company. Some of the original cars though still feature the Mercedes Badge as opposed to the Isdera one.

30 in total were built with 2 versions available, an original which started production in 1984 and a facelifted model which appeared a few years later in 1991. Production for both models lasted until 1993 and thus with only 30 made its incredibly rare to find one of either.

The original version had removed the Pop-Up Headlights of the Mercedes Concept and replaced them with standard fixed enclosures but they returned with the 1991 Facelift. The taillights of both versions was tweaked from the original concept and feature a set of standard lights from Mercedes.

The 1991 Facelift also featured a slight redesign of the body to add some more curvature to various lines.

Both Cars were available with a selection of Mercedes V8 Engines ranging from a 5.0L V8, to a 5.6L V8 and then an AMG-tuned 5.6L Version of that engine and a 6.0L AMG-Tuned Engine.

All featured a 5-speed manual with RWD and had HP figures ranging from 300hp to around 390hp depending on the engine.

The Base 5.0L Variant had claimed stats of a 5s 0-62mph time and a top speed of around 176mph (280kph+).

The Original Non-Facelifted Version of 1984-1990

1984-1991 Isdera imperator 108i_01
1984-1991 Isdera imperator 108i_03
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1991 Facelifted Model

1991- Isdera imperator 108i_01
1991- Isdera imperator 108i_04

A View of the 1991 Model’s interior plus 5.0L Mercedes V8

A 5.0L V8 1991 Model sold for €690,000 in 2021 but prices could range up to €800,000 or more depending on the spec.

One of the Series 1 Cars in action on a race track