Isdera Commendatore C112i Silver Arrow concept 1999-

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Another 90s supercar using the Mercedes V12, the 112i didn’t quite achieve the same success Pagani did with the Zonda. Only two cars were completed, initially utilizing the V12 in stock form, developing a decent 408 PS. One of the cars was upgraded to 619 PS in 1999, with the engine bored out to 6,9 liters. That prototype was said to be capable of 370 km/h, but was sold back to the Isdera Classic team in 2016, who restored it to the original spec seen above. If the headlights look familiar, that’s because they’re the same units from the Porsche 968, an idea also used by the Lamborghini Diablo, which used the headlights from a Nissan 300ZX. The Isdera also used the rear suspension from a different Porsche, the 928, and a modified RUF gearbox. So if you look at these details, it’s a Mercedes-engined Porsche supercar from the 1990s, inspired by Group C prototypes. Oh, and it has a periscope instead of rear view mirrors to improve aerodynamics.