Is this the most broken Forza at launch ever?

I have all the Forza games and don’t recall one with this many bugs, glitches, broken stuff ever on launch week. I would guess it’s because they are trying to get it to work on 2 gens of consoles? I got rid of my Xbox One when Diablo 2 came out and it was taking way too long to load. Got a Series S and now D2 loads games instantly. It’s a day and night difference. Just proves last gen is just gimping new games at this point.


Nope, not even close. FM7 ultimate took that crown. The game was virtually unplayable, VIP was worthless, and was severely broken and unplayable. This is not that, sure some bugs and annoying glitches, but still playable and enjoyable for the most part imo.


Ah ok. I didn’t get FM7 till Christmas that year so it wasn’t at launch for me.

100% yes. they should have stuck with releasing motorsport first and then release horizon next year. game is almost unplayable at the moment .


It all depends on whether they rushed Horizon 5 to get it launched if they realised Motorsport wouldn’t be ready. If they didn’t rush FH5, then they clearly felt it was a finished (at least as finished as games get these days anyway) product that could be released…even Microsoft aren’t stupid enough to pressure Playground into rushing it…everyone saw what happened with Cyberpunk.

Beyond that, the development of the 2 games have no bearing on one another given they are made by 2 completely separate development houses


ARCADE impossible because there is only 4 or 5 players on the entire map - and i am the only one doing the ARCADE!!!


Arcade and eliminator are both embarrassingly broken.


Been trying to complete the arcade challenge, but I am always the only one playing. Got 1 person last night, but still not close to completing. Maybe 15th time will be the charm.

Considering the amount of time between releases, it is quite buggy. I wasn’t a day one player for the other games (but been playing them all since FM4), but don’t remember this many bugs for any game. The sudden stop bug is pretty annoying, everything else I ran into is bearable.

I remember FH4 crashing all the time at launch on XOne for me driving me insane. This one is just completely broken when it comes to online, but at least works on Solo.


I think this is the most broken Horizon based on my experience, but not the most broken Forza (that would be FM7 as pointed out earlier).

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People’s experiences may differ, but I had FM7 from launch too and I don’t remember it ever crashing to home screen on me, FH5 does it at least once a night.



The worst for me was FH3 and close second FM7. FH5 would take that third place. FH4 was probably in the most OK state when it launched. I can’t remember any big issues with FM3 nor FM4 and others I didn’t play on launch day/week/month (I have heard FM5 launch was pretty rough too).

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Yes i agree most bugged forza horizon


We are the quality assurance team for PG. In my previous job, I was paid $29.50/hr to do this. Now I have to pay for software that has been under development for at least two years. It seemed to me when PG added Steam it caused many issues to FH4.

Some of the bugs in FH5 are from FH4… are we supposed to expect the same bugs in FH6? It’s an accumulative bug system if they don’t fix them.



Since they never bothered to fix those issues in FH4, how can we expect them to fix it in FH5?

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Maybe… In fact,I don’t care about any location or culture which was in all horizon games. I’ve loved to play this series, because it was my beloved play style (started with FH2, then FH1 till the actual title)

Sorry, but the same game breaking bugs carried over to FH5. Incredible worse net code… Sometimes up to 15 min loading screen to race a 3-min sprint. FH4 cuts down my favorite gameplay (clean, fast, XP), ghosted lobbies like in FH3 wasn’t featured by PG.

Now, take a look. There’s some kind of rng online play. No more searching for lobbies for example S1 Road racing. Some crappy rng adventures, no private lobbies, no ranked gaming… For this kind of multiplayer racing, some features are essentially.

I don’t know what happened in the last year’s, PG should take a step back and reconsider about there next steps.

I think it’s among best releases. It’s unbelievable good release. Good job PG!

Sarcasm? :joy:

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No. I think it’s almost impossible to build this good release. I don’t understand so many stuff here. I tried so many things already and it worked. Some troubles, for sure. Just check other games.