Is this franchise completely screwed?

Since these posts have been all related to other games or general Microsoft management rather than current FH5 game content, I’ve merged threads and moved this from FH5 Discussion to General Forza Topics.

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So you merged together one thread that was kind of getting away from itself with another thread that was active and actively discussing the current game, and dumped the whole thing onto a section of the forums that’s about as active as a space heater in the middle of Death Valley.

I mean, I can make an educated guess as to why, but I kind of want to just sit back and admire the whole commitment to keeping up the whole “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!” bit.


Haha I love your posts

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Everything is awesome. I haven’t played FH5 in a couple of weeks now. And I’ve been having fun. Max took all the action away from the active threads to now so nothing there now either.


It’s just another way to say shut up if you can’t say something nice about FH5.


A bit like I said before regarding the section on FM, it either means they are rewriting the whole thing to change everything, the bugs are so bad they have time to rewrite so much to change things, or what the tiny portion of the registered user base who use this forum says just gets ignored. I mean, they already ignore legitimate complaints about bugs and so forth, why would anyone think anything in the Suggestions Hub would be treated differently?


The funny thing is when I hear a tiny part of the user base mentioned, I don’t have the game stats, but by any metric I don’t think I saw any 5 yo kid or teen go commit to post to the forums and wish about hot wheels or Lego.
Among the vocal fan base, the mature one is certainly not tiny.


Another thing to consider about the questionable state of Forza horizon 5 is that most of the main team has been shifted to work on Fable.
I wouldn’t be surprised if only the interns and Junior employees remained to work on Forza horizon 5.

New cars are a cheap way to Fomo the player into participating in their post launch. You get a new car then what? Try it out, tune it maybe play online a bit. And after 3 hours it becomes one more car in the piles of cars already in the game.

And how does the experience differ from obtained car number 1 to number 60? The way you obtain the cars is the same with the same repetitive festival playlist. The way you engage post unlocking it is the same. There’s no new customization to it. No new features in the game to support it.

Need for speed doesn’t need 650 cars to make compelling gameplay to it. Nor does horizon. Mindlessly collecting cars is meaningless. 300 cars would be more than enough. The rest of the 650 are going to be the cherry on top. But Horizon 5 acts as if everything that comes out of the festival playlist is actually post launch gameplay content. And it just isnt. The extra cars that come in are pure sandboxing content that again dont matter when the game has no features to support it. Post launch in horizon 5 is a gimmik that burns out the player from replaying the base game untill it gets dry.

You cant really compare nfs post launch to forza. EA has been way too scummy with their product and their fanbase for many years. I dont understand how it comes off as a suprise when they’re very much a company known for bad practices. Nfs gets discounted 50% off 1 week into game release and then 2 weeks later again at 50%. This game has been every month since release discounted at this rate. Which is very informative on the type of game that it is. 30$ game made to look like a 59.99 title. Let alone considering any form of post launch that isnt going to be terrible.

Xbox hasnt been this scummy with Horizon. Untill the introduction of live service. Which apparently isnt doing very well. Even free to play games with smaller budgets get better post launch that changes these games soo much over time. And Horizon is going down the road of nfs.
If they cant handle post launch they might as well go back to how the older titles were made. With a much better focus on the gameplay itself instead of pushing this meaningless shallow post launch live service.
Nobody in their right mind expects scummy EA to do right by the players. But players do expect it from devs like PG/Turn10 known for putting out quality. But that might be a subject to change as more players come into the franchise and if the game continues to head into mediocrity

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The truth is that most of the user base, irrespective of age, won’t even know this place exists.

If you’re into games and seriously interested you can know what a forum is and find out about places.
If you’re not seriously into games then you should maybe not even express your opinion to begin with.

Those who don’t visit here, or know it exists, won’t express an opinion here. And remember, many are not “serious” when it comes to gaming, it’s entertainment, not the meaning of life. Again, that brings the “serious” proportion into the minority.

The “vocal” part of the user base is actually a minority, I’m afraid, no matter the metric. Always has been, always will be.

I don’t mean seriously as in simulations or life stakes, just genuinely passionate and caring about the media.

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The same still applies though.

I concur about the car numbers.

But look at the suggestions forum, it’s like every car ever made is wanted in horizon.

I’m pretty sure pgg will have metrics and stats for what cars are most used and which ones aren’t.

But can’t please everyone

I just want the car list to focus on actual production cars. I want 90% of the actual roster to be cars, provided I have the money, I can just immediately buy no questions asked. Room should be made for both limited production and the occasional concept car that was meant to enter production.

No offroad race cars, no car celeb personal builds, no chinese vaporware no one cares about.


I would use much different cars if there were different modes or cars were not demanded by the chorelist.
Also if the map played out differently and socially.
I would roleplay more and use cars not for their performance but my taste.

You look at the car suggestions and then look at who is putting the suggestions forward. That section is nothing more than T10/PGG asking the part of the user base who use the forum to say what they want in the future iterations of FH and FM (not the upcoming iterations, but future ones). They look at what is most popular, decide what can be or gets licensed out of that “short list”, says “we listened to the fans”.

That whole “hub” is a PR stunt, nothing more, because they already get more than enough feedback on what people think of the state of the game and the foundations for “FM9” and “FM6” will already be laid, so much will already be set in stone, and won’t be able to be changed.

Apart from one bit, the chorelist generally has a range of cars to choose from so you can experiment a bit, but I know where you’re coming from. It’s all very well having a huge car list, you can have every production model ever made if you want. But when people end up sticking to the same group of cars because of how they are perceived to perform, etc, in game and how “brand awareness” can influence the way people select vehicles, then the rest is just bloat which means T10/PGG can say “Look how HUUUGE we are” but not actually add to the game.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried various cars ONCE. The trouble is that it’s only “once” so they just become bloat. Even then, these “once” cars are more likely to come out of that very select group that most select from, more will stick to brands and models they would like to drive in real life. You’re never going to meaningfully drive every car you have, if you’ll drive many at all, ultimately they’re just game candy, bloat.

You forgot one big thing, you aren’t the only player of this game.

Cars that you enjoy a lot and drive a lot aren’t driven as much/at all by others and vice versa, every one has their tastes. What may be “bloat” to you is an enjoyable driving experience for others, and having them under one roof has worked since the dawn of the Modern Racing Game in 1997.

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