Is there any way to choose a music track?

I want to be able to choose the music being played in the Replay mode, because I want to record a Replay with a certain musics playing… the Halo music. At the moment I have to go through all of the Classical music until Halo plays, and then I have to hope that I have a good race to Replay, and record.

The thing is that the music in the video should match the action in the video, and Halo works best.

By my knowledge there is no way to pick a particular track.
I guess you could record the race without music, then add the music afterwards.

OK, is there a way to put it on the XBox App after I add the music?

That I don’t know. Sorry.

This might help:

Thanks! I think I can do it on the PC, but I’m not sure if the Halo music will be blocked, it isn’t blocked on the XBox One.