Is there a quick way to bank a skill chain while it's still counting up?

For example, if you drive up and down the runway a few times, drifting and what not, then you stop so your car is stationary, it takes a while for the game to catch up with banking each individual skill. It can be kinda annoying.

Is there a way to forcibly bank the skill chain, without having to wait like that?


In FH4 you could do the skill chain near an event and when you got to 10 skill points, go to start it and then back out, and it would bank them immediately. I assume FH5 is the same.

That’s what Jogicat said. Doesn’t seem very practical. The OP is using the airstrip, and IIRC there’s a drag race there which would be the most likely candidate. But unless it plays out that you get to 10 points right as you get to the event, it won’t really be a significant time saver if it saves any at all.

Sigh… yes it is practical, I can’t remember exactly how to do it but it takes a couple of seconds, versus waiting maybe up to a minute or so for a long skill chain to complete. Try to learn something rather than assuming someone must be wrong because you don’t understand.

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I don’t know if it works in FH5 but in FH4 you could bank the skill chain by entering a racing start point and close the message “how do you want to race? - solo / coop / pvp” without starting the race.

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Yes. Change the car. When you get a new car delivered you’ll get all the skill points immediately.

If you are trying to maximize the value of a skill song, you can enter the game menu and wait for the skill queue to clear while you are in the menu. You can hear the skill points continuing to count up while you are in the menu. When they stop, go back to free roam and wait a few seconds for the chain to complete. The skill song timer is paused while you are in the menu, so you don’t lose any time there.


Oh oh, do I smell an exploit ? Can’t have that. No, no, no, no…

But yeah, I noticed the skill song pause a while back. You can even change cars, say for example to grab a better suited skill mastery setup car. And then fast travel to a better site (like a place with smashables, open space, and no solid skill chain breakers). All without losing skill song time.

…so get those skill points while you can.

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That’s a good one!