Is there a forum for Forza Street?

Not sure where to post this, did a search and trying to find the forum for Forza Street.

Graphics look good, love the old Lambos…

New Lambo vs. Old

Perfect finally…


When I first played this game, I thought it was kind of boring and corny, but after giving it a chance it becomes really addicting and more like a car strategy game, which makes it fun, since I already play every other Forza game. The only thing I wish is you could use the credits to actually buy the cars you want and upgrade those instead then sell the ones you dont want.

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Check out Reddit Forza Street. Lots of good information there :+1:

I have seen it, but I figured FORZAMOTORSPORT should have one, makes sense!

Added some new pics up top, game is really addictive and I like that it is like a turn based strategy, not a ton of focus on racing. Pretty cool idea. Wish they would add MPH or best lap times to see natural progression of upgrades from car to car.

Over a month into this game playing everyday and it is a grind, but a great game. They just added Mclaren days with some sweet cars. Getting close to finishing.

New American Classics Challenge up today, really tough, but cool.

Looks like Alfa Romeo is coming next week to Forza Street…

Hot Wheels is starting soon, so cool.

Hot Wheels is starting soon, so cool.

Hot Wheels is starting soon, so cool.