Is that possible for Forza to get the liscence of WEC cars?

In this image from the twitter page of Cadillac I spotted the blue Cadillac v-series.r of the WEC. Is that possible to get other WEC cars ?

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For me there is no reason why it could’nt be possible.

But, tell me what you think

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IMSA is already confirmed

The Cadillac V-Series.R is already confirmed

The Porsche 963 is probable : Spotted in the trailer of the Xbox Series X 75th years of Porsche edition. (Forza partner)

The BMW M V8 Hybrid is possible : Others BMW car already confirmed for the next FM

The Acura ARX-06 is highly probable : In the first trailer they showed us the Cadillac DPI-VR then they removed the DPI to remplace it by it’s succesor the V-Series.R. Same thing for Acura, they first confirmed us the ARX-04 then they removed it. So we can highly expect that it’s succesor the ARX-06 cames to the game

The Alpine A424 is possible : Two other Alpine are already confirmed to be in FM

Lamborghini SC63 is possible : Forza always represented Lamborghini in their games

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The racetrack of Le Mans is already confirmed with the tracks to be in the next FM.

Same as many IMSA tracks

That is going to depend on the terms agreed with Motorsport Games, the licence holders for WEC, BTCC, IRL, ACO, Formula E and NASCAR.

We’re heading into confidential corporate legalese territory, and if someone says they don’t want the likes of rFactor 2 to have any kind of meaningful competition then it will not happen.

Individual cars may be possible, anything that encroaches on the current licences by going further than just the odd car and track opens up the sort of minefield nobody wants to step into.

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Of course liscence don’t mean exclusivity

Gran Turismo 7 has the Toyota GR010 hybrid. Forza can have this car except if Grand Turismo has an exclusivity on that car like the Toyota 86 or the Toyota GR Yaris. So we can hope it happens.

Toyota GR010, may be happen : Depends about the liscences of Polyphony Digital and Motorsport Games.

Peugeot 9x8, may be happen : Depends of liscencing of Motorsport Games and Stellantis. Forza losed many Stellantis manufacturers but not Peugeot, the 1993 Peugeot #3 Peugeot Talbot Sport 905 EVO 1C is already confirmed to be in FM.

SCG 007 LMH, not probable : Depends of WEC liscence. Forza never represented any SCG car in a game.

Vanwall Vandervell 680 LMH, not probable : Depends of WEC liscence. Forza never represented any Vanwall car in a game.

Ferrari 499P, may be happen : Depends of WEC liscence. Forza have a liscence with Ferrari. They have added recent cars to FH5 as the SF90 or the F8 tributo.

Isotta Frashini LMH Tipo 6, not probable : Depends of WEC liscence. Forza never represented any Isotta Frashini car in a game.

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And then we come back to the minefield. Remember, FM7 had no modern road legal Toyotas because of what was then ongoing licencing issues. If Toyota feel they have the exposure via rF2 and GT7, the same thing may apply. That’s before we consider whether T10/PGG/XGS are willing to pay the necessary fees.

And that’s just Toyota, never mind every other potential manufacturer, any other deals they have, and a whole plethora of variables.

The same applies as I’ve said before. Don’t get hopes up, then if anything does happen it’s a pleasant surprise over a disappointment because the way modern day licensing goes there are too many variables. It’s hardly like the “good old days” where manufacturers would WANT to be included for brand exposure, now they look at what that exposure means for what they want their brand to represent and, in some cases, their cars being hooned around a track is not the representation they want.

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Constructors can ask to developpers to represent their models for publicity

What do you mean by hooned cars around a track ?

Some manufacturers prefer to promote responsible, safe, driving over anything that can compare to “boy racers” pushing limits in an unsafe manner even on a track, as the corporate bods in the head office can get the notion that, despite as many warnings as you wish as a game starts saying to “keep things to a track and not the public roads”, SOME will think that they can drive like they do in-game in real life. And when a brand gets such a reputation, the corporate bods at the top of the manufacturer can take a dim view of that image.

Hence a reason why that can be a reason to refuse licensing

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Like Toyota ?

So it means that Toyota may not agree with adding the GR010 hybrid in FM

Should T10 really need to pay so much for having the liscence with Toyota for the GR010 ?

It makes more exposure and publicity for Toyota if the GR010 appears also in FM

Was there a Toyota WEC/ALMS/LMP car in FM7? No. That was restricted to trucks, the AAR Eagle, and NASCAR models.

They have to balance up whether they NEED such publicity given they already have it in other licenced games, especially when it comes to the official games of the series’ these vehicles compete in.

As said, there’s a mass of reasons that are considered, from whether they WNAT to be associated with a franchise to existing deals with others to, of course, money.

So many variables, so little time to go through them all.

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Anyway when they announced that the Cadillac V-Series.R was coming to FM I was so happy. I think T10 can make everyone happy with IMSA and WEC

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But it’s not up to T10 though, they may “want” but it’s someone else who decides what they “get”.

And given corporate confidentiality, we’ll never know any reasons behind any decision.

Who decides this ? Xbox ?

Manufacturers and Microsoft. One decides whether they want their brand in a game, and at what price, the other decides whether it’s worth paying for the brand to be in their game.

It’s more complicated than that, but that’s the gist.


it can be but I know Le mans Ultimate game is coming this year with co op WEC cars. If they let Forza devs to add Wec cars why not. Forza is a big and old franchise i dont see any blockage. Imsa also has co op with more than one games. Project Cars 3, Forza Motorsport etc and In my opinion Forza Devs including Chris Esaki are aware of simulation games and race series popular these days. This year too many racing games will be released ( Le mans Ultimate, Rennsport , Official WRC (codemasters), and ofcourse Forza Motorsport. I think Forza devs will want to challenge to these games. so they will push the limits of getting car licences or race series. Btw I adore Gt3 Gte and LMP Lmdh cars I hope they add all the cars in these race series. See you in new game :checkered_flag: :v:

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