Is PC Ray Tracing mod allowed?

[Edit - No. - MM]

Hi, modding the Game is not allowed and can result in a permanent ban.

Here is a link to the Forza Enforcement Guidelines :

Thanks for the reply.

Are you referring to
“Unauthorized modification and/or save swapping to obtain unaccounted for (including but not limited to credits, experience, cars not available, cars prior to their release date and/or wheelspins) is a severe violation of the Terms of Use and will result in a permanent suspension of both the account and device.” ?

I think ray traced reflections have nothing to do with that, I’d really like an official statement.

Honestly, T10 should have just allowed ingame RT reflection for PC gamers since day one.

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Yes I am, but its highly unlikely that T10 or PGG ever will allow mods to their Games.