Is "manual with clutch" a requirement for the ForzaRC?


There is now a “rivals” for helping drivers prepare for the ForzaRC 2018 - the settings are for “manual with clutch”, does anyone know if this will be the standard required gear shifting method for the championship?


I didn’t participate in the last FRC but I believe all assists will be required max difficulty except normal steering. It’s best to come to grips with clutch shifting now as it can greatly improve your driving.

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Thank you.

After stressing about depressing a clutch peddle repeatedly and posting this, I realised a button on the steering wheel could be used for the clutch.

Many laps (on Alan’s Le Mans Bounty Hunter event) practicing quickly showed exactly as you’ve pointed out - “it can greatly improve your driving”. Also noticed removing any driving/braking lines helped learn the track and the times became faster

Thanks again for you efforts replying, much appreciated…

It’s quite silly to have a car with a paddle-shifted transmission have mandatory use of their wonky clutch-button mechanic. The real car would only use the clutch for pit stops/standing starts.


I believe it is mandatory. If you can hit one button you can hit 2. A + B up A + X down. It’s that easy especially if you are using manual already. I was on auto for years and using manual with clutch for the last year now maybe a bit longer. I started just manual and one day maybe a week later I just put the clutch on and never looked back. Honestly I don’t even think about it anymore. The chance of any of us actually getting to compete is remote at best. The “aliens” are the only ones who get to compete.

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Had a look today and that maping option seemes to be gone from the controller meni unless I can not see it for looking what controller setting number is it in Controller options Thanks.

5th option - switch handbrake with clutch

Ah cool thanks forgot about that as not often I use manual let alone with a clutch.

Yes the ‘‘aliens’’ will probably pocket the bulk of the cash along with the prestige however it has been stated that there will be events for the less skilled what they will be I don’t have a clue but I suspect that your skill level will be confirmed through participation in the league lobbies as I can’t think of another way they could assess your racing skills.

As for the mandatory clutch gear change it’s going to discriminate against a lot of players who like me have conditions such as arthritis that affect our manual dexterity to one level or another. I myself raced automatic right up to Forza 6 and tried manual which I found extremely difficult and manual with clutch an impossibility and then I found the Elite controller which I admit is way to expensive and still has some of the build problems that many Microsoft controllers suffer from but it more importantly has a flappy paddle gear change which makes manual a breeze. So I now truly compete at a reasonable level and enjoy doing so just as I enjoyed racing automatic at a much lower level and although I will have another go at manual with clutch I hold out little hope of mastering it and will probably find it painful to do so meaning much as I would wish to compete in the new RC championship it will be beyond my disabilities. I know from chats in these forums that there are many others who like me find themselves with physical disabilities that limit their dexterity with a controller and lets not forget not every able racer is able to master the intricacies of manual with clutch and it just seems totally unfair that for whatever reason that we all will be unable to compete within the championship and once again all we will see is the ‘‘Elite Racers’’ competing while we all just dream of the day that we are all given a fair shake. We spend as much time and money playing the game as anybody else does so all I ask is that we to get a chance to compete I mean how hard would it be to have races for automatic and manual users just like the elite have their manual with clutch and it would be a helluva lot less discriminatory lets face it if it happened in the real world their would be so many discrimination cases taken the courts would be busy for years. I’m not asking for special treatment just a chance for people with different abilities with a controller to have at least a chance to compete with others on the same level playing field not all us can afford to have steering wheel set ups or even elite controllers but should that mean we are effectively barred from even competing in what is supposed to be OUR championship no it shouldn’t and before the critics hammer my post I ask that other people with manual dexterity problems add voice to my post with some of their own. Cheers for taking the time to read this post peeps.


You make some good points and I agree with you, but just to play devil’s advocate, here are some thoughts that occurred to me while reading your post:
Where would it end? If changes were made to allow people like you who just have trouble hitting the clutch button would it then be unfair to exclude a more severely handicapped person who might have trouble with manual shifting, followed by possibly someone with Parkinson’s who’s hands shake and need steering assists.
Sure it’s an “E” sport, but that still has sport in it. Competition sports have never been made so that everyone of any ability could compete. Their nature requires the best of the best and that often means the fittest of the fittest. And from the spectator side, people want to see the best face off against the best. I can see this as Forza’s elite league, it’s competition sport, and that’s who it’s made for. Everyone else has every other mode that comes with the game to race in.

That’s my two cents. I feel for you, and personally, although nothing physical is holding me back, I’ve never liked using clutch myself and wish it wasn’t required.

Good luck to you in either case.



As an oldster with reaction times slowing with each passing year and having a physical disability I am never going to be competative (unless T10 introduce a seniors division). That being said I still try and overcome my difficulties so perhaps you won’t mind me making a suggestion.

As you have an elite controller, you can quite easily connect the paddles on the back. I.E. join the two left paddles and the two right paddles. It would be quite simple to glue or solder a connecting bar over them. you could even add a thumb pad to the bar. That way, instead of having to use two fingers to press the clutch and change up or down you would only need to use one. I don’t know if this is something you would find useful but it would certainly make co-ordination easier and be less taxing on your digits.

I used to use the controller and manual was a challenge for me. I now use a wheel and pedals and paddle shifters. I hope the rules won’t force manual with clutch. If so I better start practicing!

Most of todays GT’s and Prototype cars use sequential shifting. But there are many manual with clutch too. But for me to match the type of car class should determine the type of transmission or no restrictions. Race driver should be able to choose. Restrictions for no auto would be the best.

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while it is unfortunate that sports at the professional level is not inclusive, if one wants it bad enough they will find a way overcome their disability and become competitive. as an example, there is an American football player just coming out of college who only has one hand. he worked hard and pushed himself to hone is craft, and now he is in the NFL draft and will more than likely be on an NFL team in 6 months.

what I have always been taught is losers make excuses, winners overcome.

In the official rule book that PJ posted it only states ‘manual’ not ‘manual with clutch’.

agreed, I also have noticed that in the FORZARC Rivals which used to be manuel with clutch, can now be driven with manuel only, so hopefully they changed the rules to manuel only

The rules are to allow a minimum of manual but manual with clutch is allowable too.

This is a hint of what to expect in terms of cars. There will be a modern race car selected with it most likely being a modern prototype race car.

It’s not advisable to race with manual with clutch with these cars and T10 knows this. These cars sometimes stall when trying to launch them at the start of a race. As long as the players remember to switch to manual, it’ll provide for cleaner starts.

If you make any mistakes, Clutch is going to work against you.

Then again, if you make ANY mistakes, you won’t even have a lap time that is anywhere near competitive.

Take it from me… I couldn’t even beat Phil’s time in the Rivals, on either track, Though I got pretty close, and I spent hours trying to nail a perfect lap, there was just something I couldn’t nail down, and I have been an ALL ASSISTS OFF W/CLUTCH player since the day it was added.

So, if his time was supposedly not that hard to beat, I would assume that many people beat it without Clutch, and that a few managed to beat it with Auto.