Is anyone still having issues with career mode freezing?

I recently purchased Forza 5 and I cannot complete most of the career mode championship series without the game freezing. On any of the career mode series when I come to circuit de catalunya or laguna seca the game freezes while loading the track and boots back to the xbox one home screen while restarting forza to the start screen. I have tried every troubleshooting step listed in the forum including restarting the game, hard reboot of xbox, rebooting router/modem, un-installing game and re-installing, erasing profile and resetting game save, and resetting console to factory settings. I find it hard to believe this game has been out for 6 months and they have not fixed this yet. If anyone else is having the same problems or any suggestions please let me know!

I know there has to be someone else on here having this problem. Please help!!! Maybe I’m late to the game and everyone has moved onto multiplayer? Can anyone confirm if the single player career mode is still broke?

I temporarily thought I had the game fixed but was wrong. I uninstalled then reinstalled completely, powering off the xbox and unplugging. When I restarted I was able to play catalunya but now the game is freezing on Road America. This is so frustrating.