Is Ahvenisto Maple Vally from FM4?

Looks to me like T10 took a bit of inspiration from The Ahvenisto Race Circuit from Finland. Can anyone confirm this? :smiley:



It might have been an inspiration for the Maple Valley race. Sure looks the same. When I first raced on that track, I was drawn to the beauty of it. It would be nice if it was truly built in the United States.

maple valley. ahv is less than 2 miles long while maple valley is 3 miles. they are simular but not near the same when side by side or overlapped and to scale.

it was a long time ago, fm1 days, i read that maple valley was inspired by the roads near redmond washington where forza was made.

if you look on google maps the city of maple valley is about 20 miles south of redmond.

I recall reading a similar story about that too. I miss the New York tracks from days o’ old.