Inferno Inferno 2020-2020

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Mexico car

Behold, the Inferno Automobil Inferno, a 1,400hp hypercar, made in mexico. And honestly I’m shocked it’s not in the game. I think it should be.


I still don’t understand why we can’t have discussions in the regular forum about these. Because buried here in the suggestions forum they never get noticed until someone makes a regular forum post and it gets locked up and relocated.


Mexico’s 1400bhp ‘Inferno’ supercar is made of stretchable metal | Top Gear


It looks like a mess, like a car from GTA V that every annoying YouTuber drives. But thanks for putting this here, never knew about this car. Cheers!

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there is way too much going on regarding the design of this car.

I hope Forza can design it for a game. The design looks hard to draw. But we still can hope to see this “Made in Mexico” car in FH5.

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