Infected Vs King

Iv never understand why there are always more Infected lobbies than there are King. Why is it that the majority of the community prefer Infected?

I already have an “opinion” on this (whether is right or not I wont know until people post) but I would like to read other peoples thoughts on this before passing judgment.

Can any Infected players out there give reasons as to why they believe Infected to be a better game than King?

I believe people like Infected more because, if done correctly, one game of Infected can be over and done with far quicker than a game of King, so they can ‘level up’ as a quick as possible. Most if the top 50 play 1 minute infected so they can get more xp in one day than I can in a week! However, a game of King will always be over when the time limit stops. Personally, I don’t mind playing either :slight_smile:

So in your opinion its a matter of gaining XP. Im wondering what these people think you get from “leveling up”. If its a matter of self achievement then they are only cheating themselves. I mean, What’s the rush? It doesn’t prove anything to a decent driver. He/She will just look and say " erm… Wow… That’s a big number… erm… Boring". I think if people stop trying so hard to prove how good they are to the rest of the world (with numbers) and just play the game as its intended, They will ACTUALLY get better at the game and the need for “proving themselves” via XP/leveling up wont be necessary due to their 1st position showing on the leaderboard at the end of every online game. If this were to happen, I think a lot more people would play King… Suppose ill have to face reality though.

There only seems to be a small handful of good drivers left in this game :frowning:

I like infected more. Also I think its easier to get XP that way.

Why do you like infected more?

I like it more because its easier to get XP plus you also need less skill to actually win a game once in a while. But King mode is pretty good also and its better then cat and mouse mode.

I believe King events are way more competitive than Infected. Infected is all about running around, hoping not to be hit by the infected. You can just hide in a place and avoid it easily, and that isn’t just fair. To succed in King, you must be aggresive and be aware all the time, cause it doesn’t matter if you became king 40 times. Mantaining that position is the only thing that matters.

OK so its a matter of skill and easy leveling up (which i still dont see the point in).

The reason we all play online is to compete and show off, Correct me if im wrong? If what you want is an easy win or a win by chance then why compete at all? If there is no challenge then there is no fun (IMO) which is why i play King more than Infected.

What is the point in competing in Infected only to win the game by chance and gain XP to show off your level of skill via numbers (which is false), Only to have your ass handed to you and be humiliated if you end up playing against a King player or a Racer with a lesser online level than your own?

The way i see it is, We all have to lose. I’m good and i know i am but even i lose but thats how i get better at the game. Its the only way to learn. If everyone were to just stop being so bothered about winning ALL THE TIME or trying to making yourself “look” better than you actually are and just play the game to generaly compete and have fun, The King lobby’s would rise again and you all would see how fun it really is. The whole point of King isnt the win, Well it is but the fun lies in the competing part. I dont think Infected even compares with King. I mean what is the point in playing Infected over and over only for the game to end 1-2 mins later and then watch your so called “XP” rise at the end? Where is the “fun” in that? I just dont get it…