Increase tuning file save space

Voted, i’ve been out of save files for 4 months. Buying 800 new cars just for 3 car classes and having to color code every single one of them is not what i want to spend days on just to know what tune is on what.


I’m in the same boat need more save space for tunes and liveries please.

the whole game encouraging ppl to tune their own car but there‘s only 250 tune slot in total which is to little compare to car number especially when there’s auto save tuning which takes up most of the tuning slot my advice is at least 1000 tune slot

I think it should only be limited to the storage device on the console or PC that you are using. I went to all the trouble of buying an expansion card and the lumited tunes are extremely frustrating, if you are someone like me who will spend a lot of time prefecting a tune to find that I can’t save it.
Please please increase this or remove the limitation on the number of tunes you can save


Has anyone made a conjecture as to how big the tune files actually are? I know Turn10 says the listen, but if they did they would have someone comment on threads like this one, so we know they give a crap.

So, I’m thinking that they would only be files filed with text key pairs. So how flippin big can they actually be? Even if its a matter of the need to have these files accessible to anyone in the game (sharing a tune) that would raise the need for unique naming, I don’t really see a problem. Gamertags are unique, no? And it’s not like they have anywhere near the number of players they had on earlier versions of the game.

I like solving problems… when I have to ask someone else to solve a problem, I like to examine the problem so I can give them as clear a path to a fix as possible. I haven’t hit the save limit yet, but I feel for all of you who have. So, any engineers out there want to chime in?


Something happened and this suggestion suddenly has 192 votes, the most in its category.

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this is like pulling teeth.

bump for simple fix.

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Also - please vote for better file management for saved tunes:

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Yep, I make tunes for the weekly spec series. I have not been able to make tunes for the past couple months as a result of this…

I feel bad for everyone in the spec series because I get quite a few people messaging me about how they always have used my tunes but can’t even share them anymore. I’d rather more people use tuned cars in the spec series so that I can have more competition, but that is not the case.

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Let’s keep this bumped


@T10ManteoMax Please pass this along. This is much needed for SP hot lappers and MP racers alike.

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Just do it!

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More Tunes for everyone.

This should be a bug fix, not a suggestion. Js


9 months and counting. pls fix as the urgency is too low.

urgency should be at an 8 to 9 now as even casual players have hit the max. not to mention the EASE of implementation.