Inconsistent Tune Stats

Hello! I am new to tuning, and was working only on aero on my Alfa GTA. As I moved the pounds I noticed a huge difference in braking stats when I went back to the pounds that gave me the best braking stats. Example. at 199 pounds the braking 60-0 is 164.6 ft and 100-0 is 411.8 ft. I then checked what 149 pounds would be then went back to 199 which then said 60-0 at 293.5 ft and 100-0 at 549.1 ft. At no point during this process did I apply any changes, I was simply scrolling through the pounds. Can anybody explain this? I think it may be a glitch. My game has been acting very funky lately.

I’ve learned not to put too much faith in the benchmark numbers - especially the braking distance. The benchmark numbers are good for getting an idea of how a change in your tune will affect things. I think there are so many variables that the game is calculating (and rounding the results which can produce some misleading information) that it can’t give you precise numbers.

Check out the 0-60 and 0-100 times in this picture:

Wow, that is crazy! Would putting the aero all the way to cornering actually give the most cornering?