Inconsistent Engine Options

What’s with the engine options in this game? It seems wildly inconsistent.

60’s Mustang Fastback - 10 or so different engines.
50’s Morris Minor - the usual 1.6 Rally and a motorbike engine. Why not a 4 banger or v6? or v8? Why?
90’s Ford Escort - 4 Banger and the Rally Engine (why the rally engine for everything??)

Why not offer rotary engines as a choice?
Why cant you upgrade the motorbike engine other than the turbo?

Just weird af the choices. Doesn’t seem to make any sense.

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You must be new. Welcome to Forza Horizon!

I suspect it’s just a time thing. There are a lot of cars in this game, and some cars get more attention than others. They do try to only have engine swaps that make sense, but then again making head scratching decisions is a pretty strong hallmark of the devs, at least when it comes to this series. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that sometimes I feel like they have meetings about how having the perfect game would be bad and they need to add in small annoyances.

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