In game pets

Each player house has a pet with unique perks. Setting a house as home equips you with that pet. Adds a layer of gameplay. Matching cars, skill trees, and now pets to events.

Parrot - Air skills boost. Unlocks pirate outfit and FL phrase “Get away from me booty!”.
Horse - Speed skills boost. Unlocks jockey outfit and FL phrase “Tally Ho!”.
Goldfish - Credits boost for asphalt races in Storm and Wet seasons.
Iguana - Credits boost for dirt races in Hot and Dry seasons.
Cat - Always land on wheels after jump. Fewer failed danger signs.
Dog - Destruction skills boost. Unlocks FL phrase “Rut roh!”.
Chicken - Credits boost for H2H races.
Goat - Ramming skills boost. Triple for online races.

They could add accolades for doing X with pet Y in car Z. And the accolade reward could be a cute outfit for your pet!

While I appreciate each to their own, I think this takes it a bit far imo. The idea of a pet in a car collecting game feels off imo :man_shrugging:

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I was inspired by this old post. I suspect they were being snarky, but I think it has merit.

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I am an animal lover. That would be really cool!