IGTC Design thread **#43 Viper - see post 7**

Hello all. It’s been around 2 years since I’ve painted. I finally picked up FH4 and hit the booth again. My first two FH4 designs are a Maserati and a Subaru and are loosely inspired by designs I made many years ago in Forza 4. I’ve also brought over some designs and vinyls from FH3 and Forza 7. All of the pictures below are available in FH4. If you like my creations please feel free to favorite me gamertag: ig towLey chong.



Share code 137 164 679

NEWEST More pics in post 7
Share code 179 895 200



Designs brought over from FH3

BMW Skull

Corvette Skull

2016 Mustang (2 versions)

TigerBMW (pics are from other game but this is ported over along with a white version)

AMG SLK 55 2012

1969 Fairlady Z

And here are many of the vinyls I have available in FH4. For groups like the skulls, tigers etc, the mirrored versions are also available.

A huge “blast from the past” :+1:t2: Excellent work - you still got it :+1:t2::sunglasses:

1st FH4 follower :+1:t2:

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Thanks Iroc, followed you as well. I checked out your creative hub (still want to call it Storefront) late last night…and all I can say is you been BUSY! T10 needs to start paying you. Great stuff as always, keep 'em coming

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It’s starting to look more like the old Paint Booth by the day! :grin:
Good to see your distinct style returning to the forums Towley, liking the Beemer & Corvette Skull designs :+1:t5:


Thanks Dubh - I put a ton of time into that skull. Slowly following all the old school painters and some new ones too. I’ve been digging through the design contest entries to find everyone. I have to say I like the paint booth in FH4 probably the best out of all the new console games. Sometimes black looks gray, but other than that no complaints. Also, figured out “mask vinyls” late last night, and wow am I going to have some fun with that. Glad that functionality exists.

Formula Drift #43 Viper

I thought you’d enjoy using the masking tool :smirk: nice job!

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I love the mask tool! I am finding that when I do partial masks like the horse on the Mustang it has a cool effect, and some of my textures and carbon fiber type patterns look crazy when I make them masks.

Hi all, pretty large Creative Hub update since my last post. Thanks for looking and downloading. If you want one of these designs or something similar on a different car let me know I am open to requests.

The following design is available on the 2015 Camaro, the PO Camaro, 2016 Subaru WRX, 2005 Subaru WRX, 2017 Ford Focus and PO Focus


2016 Subaru WRX

2005 Subaru WRX


Lambo Centenario Shark also available in Red and Blue but don’t have pictures handy

Demon with a simple white to black fade and my Skullflame vinyl

Honda Civic 97 with the old school Honda Wing logo, partial chrome masks in areas and different color combos. Great RWD drift tune available for this too!


This Top Secret design is available on 3 Nissans - 1997 GTR, 2002 GTR and 2003 Fairlady Z

Last but not least, one of my more simple designs but makes for some good pictures. Lambo Veneno with a color flip color fade and carbon fiber

I repurposed a skull I had into a partial chrome mask, looks interesting in the sun.

1969 Camaro Sharecode - 570 230 248

2005 WRX STI Green Sharecode - 125 147 472

2005 WRX STI Blue Sharecode - 208 684 533

2017 AMG GTR Pre-Order Sharecode - 968 495 499
Standard Sharecode - 550 285 151

I am almost done with the 2018 Mustang design, and have to say, I am stoked about the “mask” functionality. It’s turning out to be quite useful. Thanks to any here who have downloaded designs/vinyls from me…super broke in this game so the extra credits help. I am finding it interesting what people like so far in this game. My Tiger BMW didn’t get much action in FH3, but it’s my most downloaded design so far in FH4 (prob because I put “Tiger King” in the description :slight_smile:

Thanks all will update with pictures of the Mustang once it’s fully complete.

Oh and the new Subaru design is down for maintenance, I caught some errors that I have to fix. It will be back up in a day or two.

Welcome back Towley.

I think I actually have the skull vinyl of yours from back on FM7 or maybe FH3. It’s good to see the talented artists coming back to the game. I’ll pick up the Mustang once it is finished.

Hey Stang how’s it going? Good to be back. That skull was my first really big vinyl group project that I made. It took a lot of time and patience that’s for sure. I’ll let you know when the new Mustang design is complete, so far I am digging it mainly because of the ability to mask areas and have them be the chrome paint. It should be ready to rock later in the week.

Subaru is now re-uploaded after some fixes/changes and new Mustang design is up. Enjoy.

New work in progress 2015 Camaro Z28. This version uploaded. Share code 136 002 258. I will probably add more and do different versions of this. First time I’ve ever used Damascus, figured I would give it a try.

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Hey man, nice collection you’re releasing man :upside_down_face::+1:

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Thanks SnakeEyes - I hope to have a lot more coming and more brand new stuff.

Welcome back TC! nice new work you have going on. That Camaro is outstanding!

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Thanks Bob! Good to be back. I have quite a few WIP’s going at the moment so should have some new stuff to share soon.