ideas for a special multiplayer racing modes!

the idea is two main different multiplayer modes one being casual and a new harder mode. the idea for the casual mode is that it is just normal forza motorsport online racing. while the other has you reset your car collection and start over and have to rise back up. but the progression has changed to where you start with a car like a mk1 golf gti, or 1990 civic si that under performs even for those cars. the progression for this mode when it comes to change as well, more easier (slower) racing like miata cup provides less than normal races in xp and money but difficult (f1, lmp1, indy) racing gives more xp and money compared to normal races. on top of that to reduce rammers, doing stuff like ramming, sideswiping, or other types of dirty driving is penalized not only in race by adding time penalties but slowing down the driver who did it. but as well it effects bad drivers at the race by deducting xp and money. also when it comes to xp and money you earn it in this by race difficulty, (ie nascar oval=$ whole Nürburgring $$$) racecar group, (f1=$$$ miata cup=$) assists, but also how well drive like clean driving, drafting, proper cornering, and etc. this mode is unlocked by reaching a multiplayer level 20. as well if you are asking if the game finds that over ten races in a row you have been penalized for dirty driving then you are kicked from this mode and multiplayer lv set back 0 and climb back but all cars gotten in this mode are still there. but that is all for my idea what you think.

Sounds like you’re suggesting an online career mode which in itself isn’t a bad idea, but would face many challenges to be successful. The biggest issue would be player count, as far as I know forzas population splits pretty much 50/50 when it comes to single player and multiplayer counts. So at launch let’s say there’s a million players, only half would exclusively play multiplayer. Of that how many would play this new mode compared to the other modes. Let’s say 150,000 would try it, which sounds like a nice amount but when you start accounting for various time zones and from that peak player counts the active number of players at any given time would be much less.

Then after a few weeks you’ll have the varying degrees of completion of this career. Some players will shoot straight to the top while others who don’t play as much would lag behind. Then there’s the issue of new players, if someone buys the game a month or two after launch how populated would the lower tiers be at that point. If its too low you’ll have many people abandoning the mode, leaving only the existing set of original players all populating the higher tier better paying lobbies.

This is why leagues were created in forza 6. It offered different lobbies at specific times to group a larger cache of players to play based on skill level. Unfortunately it wasnt really fleshed out too well and ended up devolving into a prize machine instead of a purely competitive mode. The systems in place to match players was extremely basic and was able to be manipulated very easily. Gt sports version of this is much better and has obviously seen much more success over the life of the game.

Imo if the league lobbies are to be successful they need to focus on the competitive players who are there to race, not strictly there to win a “legendary” car and leave when they’re done. I find it quite sad that turn 10 feels the need to bribe players into doing specific things when in the past players would play because it was fun. If people want class based hoppers or driver rated league lobbies or even an online career mode, put different modes in the game, let people naturally migrate to what they like and then focus on improving those modes within the games life cycle.

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yeah I understand what you mean but like races would be grouped together by type of car group like gt1 or gt3 but when in early point of this game modes existence but if there is like hundreds of thousand people playing consistently then we could change it to rank or skill play groups instead.

Well like I said thats what the league lobbies were. They also had a dedicated forza gt lobby which would include gt3 cars. For an online career to really work it would have to be the only career mode available which I don’t know if turn 10s willing to take that chance. I don’t think it would hurt to add something like this, but I can’t see them spending too much time on something thats kind of redundant.

Horizon 4 does offer people the choice of doing career races online or off so its possible something like this could happen in motorsport. It would also be unique as I don’t believe there has been another game with an online career, but that’s probably because of all the issues I stated in my first post would be true for most games. The game would have to be designed specifically for a mode like this for it to work.

I think we’d see something like this in a F1 game in the future rather than a forza or gran turismo, as it’d be a little easier to implement because there’s only one class of car to choose from.