Iberian International (Forza)

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From Forza Fandom Wiki:

In the shadows of the rocky peaks of Monserrat, Iberian International Circuit is kocated on a high plain in the mountains, Iberian is studded with large bare rock formations that influence the layout of the track. With less extreme elevation change and a wider ribbon than the neighbor Camino Viejo de Monserrat course, Iberian allows drivers to concentrate fully on the stiff competition while still perfecting their technique. That being said, there are a few places on Iberian where a very fast car can catch air, so tune suspension and downforce accordingly. One of Iberian’s greatest traits is its flexibility—it provides exciting and rewarding racing action for nearly any type of car, testing the limits of everything from humble city cars to the fastest Le Mans prototypes, which can achieve speeds in excess of 170 mph on the course’s back straight. "

It features six layouts (3 main + 3 Reversed)

  • Iberian International Circuit Short Circuit (1.14 mi (1.83 km))

  • Iberian International Circuit Mini Circuit (0.68 mi (1.09 km))

Had some amazing custom, multi-class races setup for that track in FM4. Like, E-B classes where you’re in B class cars and have to wait 45 seconds to start and also lap the whole grid before the race ends; usually only ~6 laps or so to do that. Was an absolute blast.

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Well if you’re attempting bring back this track you might as well bring back the other two

I seriously miss these tracks and their connected counterparts. I’m really let down by the track selection. I want more of the cool fictional tracks like back in the FM3/FM4 days! I wouldn’t be so frustrated by it if we had back-compat for those games, but we don’t!


Excellent layout and nostalgic memories. Bring back please! :sweat_smile: