Hello, Im playing FH4 normal, and i was Level 70 and money etc, all ok. but the windows release and i update the windows to version 1809 ,after two weeks I uninstalled,because of an application I was using was giving problems, ok i uninstalled the version and when i join in the forza my save game is it’s the old one, in which I was level 49, in short, I lost two weeks of progress in the game, why when i came back to the old version of windows the save did not pull, I came in contact with Microsoft and they told me to come here, saying it is not a problem in the operating system but rather in some game process that is not recognizing what you have gained and the levels that hit and money etc, I tried to create a new user and I opened the game it, and again the save game its old one, and not the current one, Now what i do ? before you speak, install the version 1809 again and test, there is no way, it looks like it is already installed in the “background”, and i can. and windows recognizes that the latest version is already installed