i lost all my single player stats

I had my xbox online at my house on forza 5. Moved my xbox to my mates (for americans my friends) house and then loaded up forza 5 and all my stats where lost even though i was offline and i went from lvl 340 something and last time i checked my stats i had 111 cars in the garage as well as 360,000cr or something like that so i was pissed off microsoft said its because i ‘hacked’ the game and the glitchiest thing i did was had 4 wheelie cars so idk y this happened but i hate that i lost all my stats and hope that it gets fixed btw microsoft told me to post here to hopefully fix this problem so please turn 10 or whoever makes this game fix my account and stats gt: TuRbO TrOuT 420 much appreciated

To contact Turn 10 Studios, you will need to send correspondence to forzafb@microsoft.com. A response to this matter via the forums is not likely.