I have VIP even though I didn't buy it

Just logged on and I now have the VIP crown by my namertag, and was gifted the three VIP FE cars. I did not buy a thing. What is going on?

At some point I suddenly had access to the Treasure Map, though I was just missing one board on my map by then.

Update: Re-started the game and noticed the crown is gone. Tried getting in the X5 FE that’s still in my garage and got the message that I need to buy the DLC. Must’ve been a strange glitch; I also got to spin the super wheelspins earlier as well.

Nothing surprises me anymore with this game. If the developers continue to work as “well” as before, that thing will be completely unplayable in a few weeks.

My suggestion: Give us the money back…work an other year on the game till it is perfect and than lets start again.


Tell me about it. I along with tons of players aren’t able to 100% the current series because the treasure hunt is glitched.