i have bought a day this many cars at the auction house

i went and bought the nsr 05 i think it haz a 5000 car collector perk beside it a wheel spin…i bought 200 plus of thoze and got 20 levels to get 100 level car collector…at 83,000 i think each

i think i could buy 55 a day

u bought 200 nsxrs for wheelspins and points guess u missed 300k in each one howd u buy 200 or 55 when limit is 25 or 30 per day collect cash car free nm just dump hirollerz doan need no green.
I lost IQ points typing that but gotta up the guys run on skilz


Am I having a stroke or wtf is going on here?

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Aw Clutchie no hang whattup wit style proze u just mad got no biz bein chill and lay dope werdz buzz’n bout carz buyin sellin drivin yo like no prob goin down like chinatown all mad for da streetz

I have a meeting later today, I am concerned I might have a lapse mid-presentation. lol


I think I’m gonna start exchanging Z’s for S’s at work now and see how long it takes me to get fired.


that iz good