I did it!

Even with all of it’s “challenges”, this is the first Motorsport that has held my interest enough to do this:


Congratulations, fella, Well done!

I completed the Career purely with long races. IndyCar and NASCAR were extra long, endurance showcase were standard.

With long races, the AI’s wrecking behavior is far diminished. They treat every contact as aggression and fight back for some reason.

I also did Long races on everything but the last 4 with the Renault F1 car. I wanted those over and done with as soon as possible.

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Surprised you put up with the buggies but not the F1 car!

IMO the Off-Road Buggies tournament was the worst ever, lol.


Things just happen way to quickly in the Renault for my 66 year old reaction time.

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Congrats man. :beers: This is also the first Motorsport that I fully completed the single player on. They must be doing something right!

Well done mate. My single player section is still a work in progress. My plan is to finish it two days before the release of FM 8

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Congrats, this surely takes commitment. I still have got 2 endurance races to be done, but can’t get myself to do them.

Congrats, i’m almost done myself but I still have the Sebring endurance to do. I swear the AI are just so much faster on the straights than my ford gt.

Well done. This is the first motorsport career I’ve finished too. If only Forza rewards would recognise that I’ve done all the showcases…

That’s quite an achievement, well done mate!
I’m just not sure how long I could stick with an endurance race. What’s the longest?

If I remember correctly it was the Sebring race, 83 laps. I just did 20 lap stints and took breaks.

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Congratulations!! Wear that Driver Gear proudly!

Yes, that Renault R.S. 17 was a challenge. I left it on long races. It was tough navigating through the field of cars. One wheel touch and you were off in the bushes!

I’ve been playing this game since September 29th, 2017 and I haven’t even finished the Breakout Series yet.

I’ve done it too. I think I got some kinda Elite thing too. I loved the endurance races. They are grueling though and Sebring took the most concentration. I also had one Porsche chase challenge that gave me fits.

I am almost done, I have rest of Evolution to do, then I am done with the single player. I did things a bit out of order lol.

Then after I finish it all, I’ll do that extended endurance for the achievement. Not looking forward to that lengthy race at all. The basic endurance races were too long as they were for me.

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lol I thought it was gonna be a picture of Forza 7 being refunded.

Congrats anyways. If you did the Spa 100 race on standard length, you are a lucky bugger (we achievement hunters had to do 69 laps!!!).

I finished the endurance races early on.

I was one of the first to fully complete the Elite version of one of the championships on the weekend of pre-order Ultimate edition release (I was on it in Australia many hours before most could access it).

But I slowed right down and really have to force myself to do a race or two here or there as most of the remaining races I have aren’t very interesting for me.

Anyway, well done, I think I’ll eventually complete all the races as I think FM7 may have the least amount of races of all the FMs to get completed.

Driver’s Cup Elite Champion
by BadRiver, on Flickr
(Click for 3-second video)

Fully Completed the Forza Driver’s Cup Championship, Unlocked April 7, 2018.
Only 1.41% of gamers had unlocked this. I did thoroughly enjoy sixty-nine laps at Spa as my finale.

Four achievements to unlock until 100%:
World Traveler (79%)
Skills to Pay the Bills (20%)
Hard Driver