I am looking for a good / big car club... what do you have to offer(XB1)


Well since I can’t get my own club going, I guess I will have to join one. I am looking for a big / mature car club. I am not interested in dealing with immature kids that cause drama.

Comment and tell me why I should join your club??

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I am looking for members. I just started the car club Righteous Rides. About 10 years ago, I had an actual car club named the same thing and got to about 50 families. I also had the same car club name back in the EA Games Motor City Online game. So, the name has been around for many years. I don’t plan on doing much in the club other than racing and having fun. My only rule is no drama. I have zero tolerance for it. Send a request if interested in joining :slight_smile:

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http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst22706_-Noc---Nocturnal-Car-Club----Fun-and-Laid-back-club---XBone-18.aspx :slight_smile:

LETHAL XBOX GAMING is at 167 members and our club ranking is 238 we are active and friendly, add me i’m the leader of the club my gamertag is LXG SHOOTER or search for our club name on Forza we are a open club so anyone can join us, thanks

I sent you a XB1 friend request and message… but no response yet :confused:

Join my club were all above 18 and no bs or drama. We are on everyday, and do just about everything loyal club as well started with my 2 friends. my Gt Homeijer club [H21H] Homeijer Motorsports