Hyundai i30 2016-current

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Hyundai i30 (Third generation)

This topic includes the i30 hatchback, Fastback, and Wagon, as well as N performance trim.


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i30 N Hatch

I30N FastBack


An amazing car which is also a quality track weapon. Please bring it to fm8 it’s in horizon!! I know this thread says i30. But please we only need the n variants in the game. Lol



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i30 N is in FH5, now it needs to join Motorsport so it can be tested down in the Nurburgring!

One thing to remind Turn 10: If you’ll bring this in a future FM update, there are issues encountered with the i30 N in FH5. This needs to be fixed before bringing it to Motorsport. I’ll address the issues down below.

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Hyundai i30N

This car is already in FH5 so