How Turn10 treats its playerbase

Last week I logged onto Forza 7 --unknowingly-- for the last time ever. I wanted to hop on a couple of quick multiplayer races, test out some new tunes I had been working on.

I’ve been a fan since Forza 2, I’ve put hundreds of hours into 7, always race clean and consistently rank among the top players.

When I tried to log onto multiplayer I got notified that I had been banned for 20 years.

This seems absurd to me. I always race as clean as possible, and I’m constantly among the top players in multiplayer. I know for a fact that I have never cheated, rammed or harrassed anyone. I always race clean and avoid contact whenever possible, unless confronting a rammer or a dirty player and need to defend.

I tried contacting customer support to get some clarification as to why this happened. Here’s the response I got:

This response did not answer what I’ve done to get banned. Here’s my response:

And the response of their customer service rep:

After this all further efforts to communicate or clarify the situation were blocked and automatically marked as solved. I literally cannot contact anyone from customer support anymore. So, all in all, I’ve invested a significant chunk of the last 3 years into this game, I’ve been a fan of the series for over 10 years. I consistently ranked among the top 1%, had fantastic races, made many friends racing online, and this is what I get. A permanent ban, no warning, no reason given.

This is how Turn10 treats its players.

May be u are not too good

very sorry this happened to you.
unfortunately no one here will be able to help you with that, let alone explain you the reason for the ban.
even more unfortunate that turn 10 most probably couldn’t be bothered less in helping or explaining to you anything.
seriously, turn10 support has to be the most useless/unhelpful/indifferent support i ever had the misfortune having to deal with.

sorry mate :frowning:

As always, bans are not discussed on these forums. File your information by submitting a ticket here:

I know bans aren’t discussed here.

The point of this thread was not to inquire about my specific circumstance, but to generally bring light to Turn 10’s enforcement practices.

I’ve been in contact with their support. They claim I have intentionally violated their terms of service with “unsportsmanship like conduct”, I have asked many times about what specifically triggered the ban but have had no answer.

This is totally nuts. I’ve put 100’s of hours into this game, have max driver level, consistently rank top 1% on leaderboards, always try to race clean, respect track limits. 90% of the races I have in multiplayer are fantastic, and I’ve had many great races with high skill players. I’ve been a fan of Forza since the second game and I’ve put real effort into playing these games, and playing them right.

But without any warning or any reason given, banned for life. It’s absurd.


there’s a rather simple explanation for all of this: they just don’t know! the sad truth is the people you and I (and every other customer that has a problem with the game) have to deal with rd party people who simply don’t know jack. they’re just a front labeled “customer support” but they have little to none insight into anything regarding the games they’re supposed to support. no access into the players’ accounts or (among other stuff) circumstances of your ban. so they just can’t help you with anything and usually they can’t be bothered contacting anyone that maybe could help - my best guess is they don’t care to because the people that could examine and reverse a ban won’t do jack either
this is Microsoft in a nutshell: don’t bother them with anything no matter how much time and/or money you spent on and of their products. save that time and energy and just restart with a new account if you still want to play the game. otherwise just look for a different race simulation, preferably one where’s an actual customer support.

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Dealing with Turn 10’s support has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.

The person responsible for my ticket doesn’t answer any of my questions and just keeps marking the ticket as solved. The answers that have been given have been copy pasted company jargon, no reason or justification is provided.

EDIT: Yeah, so, all my inquiries are being shut down immediately without explanation. I’ve been nothing but respectful, and simply asked about the various factors that went into this decision, without getting a response. It makes me sick to my stomach to know this is the way Turn 10’s customer reps treat their loyal playerbase. This is it then, goodbye Forza forever.


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That’s really bad. And it’s not just you. You should have seen the Forza Reddit this past year or so. On a somewhat frequent basis, a wave of threads pops up on bans for some absurd reason. Frankly it started with T10 banning the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard and since then, it has slippery sloped into getting banned for literally anything at any time. Playing the game feels a lot like playing Russian Roulette now. Someone needs to go into the enforcement division and clean the whole house – I don’t mean a cleaner, I mean an exterminator. The way the current team is operating is ridiculous.

All I can say is that I’m sorry that this happened to such a loyal player who worked hard to become an elite player in these games. I hope this experience doesn’t dampen your passion for racing and hope that you can carry that passion into whatever next franchise you land in.

I’m glad I’m not the only only struck by the absurdity of Turn10’s crazy enforcement guidelines.

I still feel sick to my stomach when I think how my years of dedication was paid off. I always wished Turn10 would implement a way to enforce clean racing or driver balancing in some ways. Because the multiplayer mode is undoubtedly chaotic especially among the more inexperienced players. I hoped we could get cleaner and more even racing in online, I just never even imagined that a godly strike of the permaban-hammer would rain down on me – a player who wished for a clean and balanced multiplayer environment and played clean at a high level. It’s so counter intuitive and insane to ban clean top level players.

I’ll probably move onto GT or maybe double down on my sim racing career in iRacing. It’s a shame, even though GT has way more balanced competition, I vastly preferred the physics of Forza.