How to tune my McLaren p1 and any car in general

I’m having a hard time getting the right tune for m p1. It pushes hard as hell going into a corner and is extremely loose coming out of it. On horiZon 2 I had a solid build that could compete on any road course track. Now I’m struggling with this one. Any kind of help will be appreciated.ive took power out of the car by lowering my overall gear. Tire psi is stock, final drive 3.81, -1.5 f -1.0r camber, to at both .3, front caster 4, springs 468.8f 790r, damping 8.8f, 12.8r bump 3.9f 5.7r. I’m sure I’ve got it all out of whack but like I said any help would be awesome. Considering I’m getting beat by a nsx that is just upgraded to s2

Can you post your build ?

Build is in the post. F is for front r is rear

Hi, new here, and to the game but I used to play Gran Turismo and got hooked on Horizon 4
Did you try adjusting the downforce at all?