How to ruin a potentially perfect game

I’m writing this as an hardcore fan of the forza horizon saga and as someone who can’t tolerate anymore how this game is being ruined by a terrible support from developers who are not interested in solving any of the problems that are affecting this game since day 1:
Forzathon was announced and was described as an endgame activity thanks to which we could win some exclusive cars and prizes while in reality after the first few weeks the shop has been full of already sold cars and more or less the same hoonigan with just different paintings.
Every single wheelspin is a clown fiesta where there are more clothes that car even if this is a damn racing game.
You can spend 30 minutes trying to win a car in the auction house with the risk of it being stolen from the first random passing by just because some genius decided to remove the timer reset after a last minute bid when nobody asked for it.
The online is a wreckfest with people ramming you from every directions because they know that they won’t receive any form of penalty.
Wall riding is still a thing in 2019.
The car pass was full of trash cars with only few of them really interesting
Cherry on top nobody cares about the continuous abuse of money glitches and mods with many people having milions of credits without having raced for more than 3 minutes. The consequence is that the prices in the auction house are skyrocketing beacuse they don’t care about spending milions.
In conclusion, i’ve played for 350 hours, i’ve completed the game and i’ve more or less 570 cars. The only thing that keeps me going is the love that i have for this franchise but rest assured that i’ll think twice before buying an eventual forza horizon 5.
P.S. sry fro my english is not my first language


u forgot unfix OP cars, unbalance PI, awful race layouts (include wallride, furnitures on the racing line, bad race design), annoying horizon life wich splits convoys, sound bugs, worst sound for the cars, stonewalls physic (yes its a problem), stupid OP ai, no sense of progression in the solo, the real drift road in dlc, bad voice acting (or directing ?), annoying yes life mood, MVP route creator…

bref, its a mess


Yea i didn’t mention everything but i totally agree with you

The forzathon have had a good selection of cars, shops full because of people farming them. It is a personal opinion, many of us have fun in forzathons. There are areas they could become better, but for now I like them. I got most things in the game now, but how is it a problem then that forzathon offers things I got? They are usually expensive cars or FE models or exclusives that while we who have played hard or long have, many new players dont. Forzathon is one of the more solid aspects in my opinion, with just the playing with pricing being the bad part.

Wheelspins have been well discussed. It isn’t a payment for a win, it is a random prize. Not every prize is going to be a 10m dollar car. A bit of avatar clothing which some people do think is a bit of extra fun making you mad? Avatar stuff is just a big red X then. You didn’t win your scratch ticket.

Online wreckfest. Yeah, lots of discussion about that and does need remedying, but limited knowledge on how and what. Look at how much effort it has taken for forza to implement their points system. Ramming isn’t an easy fix. Ghost racing is boring racing. Might as well just be time trial that plops you random drivertar replays. You wouldnt know the difference.

Wall riding is something being actively worked on. Again, you are changing physics and other large aspects of the game, it isn’t an overnight problem nor one that would be noticed easily by testers who know the tracks and run clean lines. As is the case with many exploits/cheats.

They do care about the money glitch and we have had statements already that it is being heavily worked on. Because it has also been said it is considered an exploit, there can be no discussion on it/user shaming etc because moderation cannot be discussed.

“Only thing that keeps me going is the love I have for the franchise” And you find it fun. For so much talk about how ruined and terrible it is, people play. Meaning they are enjoying it. Else would be doing something they enjoy.


I’m going to reply to you point by point
I’m not complaining about the forzathon activity itself, i’m criticizing the shop. The problem in offering things that players already have goes literally against the concept of “exclusive” it’s been week since i bought something from it.

Who cares if it’s not p2w, it’s still something nobody asked for. They introduce clothes in wheelspins to artifically stretch the game by reducing the possibilty of winning cars and money. As i already said it’s a racing game, cars should be the main focus not skin and similar bs.

People are complaining about online wreckfest since before FH4 and nobody is making any effort in trying to fix it even though there’s been plenty of time. Why not introducing a sportmanship system or some way to report other players? That’s how you fix a bad community behaviour.

Wallriding can be easily solved by removing barriers in tracks so that there is nothing on which people can wallride. If you do this you automatically penalize people incapable of using brakes in corners

I don’t care about statements i want facts. it’s not acceptable that there are always some random glitches popping out with poeple abusing the s**t out of them. This ruins the game for who is playing it legit. I’m receiving invites for the goliath glitch every minute.

The last point it’s ridiculous. The fact that i enjoy playing this game doesn’t mean that everything automatically works fine and i having spent 85 euros on this game make me more than justified if i complain about something that has been done wrong and makes the game less enjoyable and even frustrating at some point. Btw the reason many people are still playing it is because there are no valid options but be assured that many people who have played other games of this franchise have the same complaints.


The game is a mess, Playground Games have lost control and it is beyond repair. We’ve been sold a pig-in-a-poke. If they had put as much detail in the mechanics of the game as they have with the presentation then we may have has awesome not awful. I just hope that they are man [or woman] enough to learn from their mistakes.


For all its flaws, FH4 is still (sadly) the best new open-world racer (after FH3 which I’ve already played to death) which is why I still play it even though I frequently discuss its many shortcomings and encourage the devs to step up their game.

Personally, my biggest disappointment with FH4 is the huge number of regressions from earlier Forza games, and how many aspects of the game are just badly implemented holdovers from earlier titles that are long overdue for an upgrade (UI and AI comes to mind). As big and popular as the Forza franchise is, it boggles my mind that they could have regressed so much from FH3, and that the UI and AI are still as awful as they are with how many complaints they’ve generated over the years.

That’s all in addition to the awful wheelspin-based progression that feels like a microtransaction-ready system where all they have to do is flip a switch and now they’re selling wheelspins for real money.

Hopefully the PG devs will learn from the example of Turn10 and start making some meaningful improvements to the game (removal of locked cars and wheelspins) once they’re done chasing game-breaking exploits and critical bugfixes.


Even Forzathon Live is a huge missed opportunity. How many unique Forzathon sets are there? Maybe 10 or 12? They don’t come close to using all of the speed/drift/etc zones, and the order is always the same. They were fun until I’d run them all enough to know them by heart; now they’re simply another boring grind. And without a meaningful reward, I don’t run them anymore.

Even worse on Fortune Island, where there are maybe 5 different forzathons. And a bunch of great tracks that aren’t included in multiplayer and that don’t get new seasonal content - so same result, I spent 3 days out there and now only return for a very occasional turn at Rivals.


and don’t forget, you can’t vote between races in MP, you can’t sell duplicate cars from wheelspins, every single area of game are missing something important

they can’t even copy features from previous game, who actually they developed too, how crazy is that, it’s a mess for sure

and just for note, I’m tired of these garbage drift and other useless race cars…

dear PG heres a little tip for you, for god sake more than half players of entire franchise doesn’t care about of these trash, awful, boring, stupid, pointless drift cars, learn this once for all

but i’m sure talking to the walls, because they don’t listen the community


I like drift cars … :smiley:
this is the first car racing franchise for me where drifting was a thing … (not just racing circuits or rallying)
So drifting /drift cars was a whole new thing for me …
I am getting OK at it now and I have actually learned some things about tuning - drifting is my go to skill point earner

the duplicate cars thing is irritating - I agree

You must be awefully young then. NFS Pro Street had the best drifting of any game I have ever played. Even NFS Carbon had better drifting, it was challenging with AI traffic on the roads but there was actual road to navigate around them on.
What they call drifting in this game is a joke. Drift zones so narrow you can’t even properly get your car sideways, just wiggle back and forth to score points. No real point to drifting around Fortune island except skill points, and they are pretty much useless after a certain point. I generally burn them on cars I’ll never drive or just scrap to keep below the 999 threshold.
The handling on the cars was changed to force more drifting, very few people in street races actually race, they drift on every water soaked corner on the track.
The should rename the game Drift Club, because that’s all anyone does if they are not smashing into you.
Drifting is fun, but it is NOT racing.

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sad, no one thinks about rivals …


yeap i forgot that too … its Amazing … the amount of missing things and issues is so overwhelming …

My bad here. It’s just that after having spent so many hours in FH3 doing rivals and after having seen what have they done in FH4my brain tried to delete it in a self defence mecanism


Sadly I perfectly understand!

It’s an arcade racer. Forget fair play in public lobbies.


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As someone that spends the majority of time playing solo/single-player. This game is such a step down from H3 in many ways. Yes it does some things better I’m not denying that.

I honestly left this game for months after launch & only recently went back to it because in the very short amount of time playing it i could sense it wasn’t great. Content wise, whilst what their is, has been very enjoyable, it feels like half the game H3 was. I think i read somewhere this had almost half as many unique races as H3 & it feels like it. 18-20 races each of 4 categories & that’s it!? Not only that but because theirs a horrible progression system, everything is front-loaded. No matter where you come in a race you’ll get virtually the same credits/influence as winning & unlock everything just as quickly. Then not only that, you can’t see where you came in a certain race afterwards so you don’t know which ones to improve on (not that you need to know because doing well is pointless now). Showcases are just all given to you within the first couple hours (I saved most to near the end, doing playground games job for them so i felt at least a tiny amount of achievement). There’s nothing to work towards in this game. There’s no feeling of building your way to unlocking the next showcase, building up or unlocking a new festival site, a new cut-scene, nothing. I got a 20sec voice-over from whats-her-face after getting to road racing level 20 or 25 (far, far too quickly) saying well done, here’s a gold bracelet. That’s it. That’s the end game. Not even a cut-scene.

Rewards. Probably makes me the most disappointed with this game. You get barely any money for doing races, even with difficulties all turned up. Example, 10 laps of Goliath (same car & assists) on FH3 gets you +900k, 10 laps of Goliath on FH4 gets you 600k. Then of course, the rewards were far better in H3 without all the clothes so you were far more likely to get money etc. So to buy cars, houses, enjoy the FH4 how you’re meant to etc. You have to rely on getting good rewards from the wheelspins. I must’ve had roughly 175-225 wheelspins & I could barely afford anything throughout my whole time playing. I couldn’t buy more then two of the cheapest houses & 90% of the cars i had were pretty terrible ones from wheelspins. I couldn’t enjoy the game & buy cars i wanted, buy any of the houses that cost over a couple million to unlock the various perks they came with. I’m level 152 or something & can barely afford anything. 80% of wheelspins have been clothes, like seriously, just why. 15% terrible cars & 5% money, which when it has been money has 99% of the time been £5k’s or £20k’s. I recently built up over 20 wheelspins as i heard you have a greater chance of getting more money with more wheelspins at once (probably rubbish). So i saved up, raced the same small amount of races i’d already done a bunch, did a couple blueprint ones specifically designed to get you money through wheelspins etc. Opened my 20+ wheelspins… One £10k. Two cars from the 1940’s-1960’s. Everything else, clothes. The rewards system in this game is ridiculous.

Small note on the ‘weekly seasonal races’. It’s terrible. Firstly championships should’ve been in the game normally, like with H3. Secondly they aren’t even new races!? Here’s a bunch of races you’ve done before, probably multiple times. As a ‘live-service’ it’s pretty terrible aside from the added story every couple months. Why would i keep coming back to a game to play the exact same race layouts that i’ve already played a bunch of times. They should’ve been brand new routes at the very least.

It’s still buggy at times & after 5 months i still have to change my speaker settings & sound card settings every time before i play it so i don’t get horrible stuttering audio, as they didn’t decide to support some popular Creative sound cards etc. Also i have to unplug my keyboard every time i play as it causes the Xbox controller to disconnect every once in a while. But that’s a Windows/Microsoft issue i think.

Lastly, a few small things. I just had a small look under Xbox achievements in the app & i’m pretty puzzled to see the incredibly small amount of players that have gotten certain very simple achievements after 5 months. Considering all the boasting about how this game has been far better then H3 in sales & amount of players etc. Less then half have made it past the 2-3hr prologue & like 2% of players have all the barn finds which considering you need to buy the 10-15million castle for the last one & the fact the rewards in the game are terrible, it’s no real surprise. Also, the start of race/end of race screen is horrible how it takes you out of this great world they’ve built to a bland white room with some dancing idiots (don’t get me started on emotes). Why!? Horizon 3 did it perfectly, it kept you in the world which was far better & gave you all the info you needed. You could’ve done the same with H4 & added in the top 3 cars & dancing idiots. Last small point, the autoshow, another thing H3 did great. Go look at/buy your cars from the festivals in a nice glass building with great views into this great game world. H4… a horrible, bland white room again. Why not have some glass panels looking out onto the festival since there’s only one this time round.

Why after making so many great choices & them working really well in H3 did they feel the need to completely change it all. The progression, story/purpose/cut-scenes, rewards, amount of content, unique races, championships, UI etc. All these were so vastly better in H3. Really disappointing, this game could’ve exceeded H3 easily just by retaining the things that made that game great as there’s a bunch of things this game does better then H3.


Maybe Turn10 should pretend to be a japanese developer company.

These days it seems like every game that the japanese make is pure gold, even if it’s pure poop. Everyone will worship it.

No car meets. :frowning:

It’s the omission of class based event leaderboards, together wih rivals, that I find incomprehensible. Every other Forza game has them.