How is this possible after 3 years?

After trying again to play this dead game (by devs lack of interest in player quality of life improvements) I ask my self how is this possible.
I want to drift S1-S2 in rwd but instead I have to waste 30min at least backing out.
Is it that hard to copy paste a menu from normal custom adventure to UNRANKED drift adventure???
Why are we still FORCED to play a random class and drive train ???
Any1 who joins drift adventure just wants to drift without traffic. WHY ONLY 3 races??
You added drag tracks to private adventure(from what I heard but didnt find it)… HOW HARD could it be to add drift???

Edit: Also … if u do manage to find what type of drift adventure you wait 5 min for the nextt race and since it was the last of only 3 you get a winter A class adventure. FFFFFF
You SHOULDN’T be sent to a lobby when its the last race. God damn so frustrating game to try to play !!!

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