How do you recover an overwritten submitted paint design?

I accidentally overwrote a design I had submitted but can not redownload it like I used to be able to. I can’t do anything with it now, can’t unshare or anything. Gives an error saying:

Cannot download selected Design from the storefront because it was created by you.

In the past if this happened we could redownload and control sharing at least.


I have the same problem :frowning:

On a related note, is there a way for me to Unshare a paint after I have deleted or overwritten the original file?

I’ve currently got 3 versions of a paint shared, but only 1 (my final version) saved. I’d like to Unshare the 2 older versions so that I can direct people to my finished design.

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Looks like I am not alone with this issue.

This is very annoying, I can’t download MY design that I shared…I didn’t mean to overwrite it (thought it would make another save) and now I can’t get it back or see how many people like/use it even though it’s there when I search for it…


^^ This

What was wrong with the way it worked in every other Forza? Fix this please so we can gain control back over accidentally deleted/overwritten shared designs.

I feel your pain. I’m unfortunately in the same depressing boat. You would have thought this error couldn’t be possible! Oh well, here’s hoping Turn10 can tweak this issue.


After just over a week painting in the new game I am disappointed. There are bugs everywhere. I have had more mistakes than in the previous three versions combined. Random non response to buttons, hesitation, general sluggishness, poorly conceived layout, idiotic saving issues, horrendous reflection in the paint booth so i cant see where i’m placing vinyls, graphics so dark i cant see the vinyl shapes properly. Oh and lest we forget the miserable little colour bar that i stuggle with pn a full HD 40" tv

If i want to do a variation on a paintjob i have to buy another car, apply the paint i want to change, create a new paint livery save, go in and edit it. Then i save it. But not to the car. Exit paint and then go in and load the new paintjob. Once the old un needed paint is off the car it can be deleted. If i save the paint to the car after saving the file it writes another paint save. I defy anyone from T10 to tell me they spent time working on improving the livery editor.

We were promised full migration of designs from FM5 but i have had to spend hours unpicking paints in FM5 so i can transfer them and then spend hours repairing them in FM6.

I have stated before that T10 dont consider painters as playing the game. All those hours spent are never recorded as game time. Yet tuners stats show time spent tuning and test driving. I cant wait for a competitor to offer the ability to paint in game.


No you don’t. Just load up the file in the editor, change what you want to change save the design to the catalogue, then exit without saving. Your original design will still be on the car and your new design will be in the catalogue. Every design I make to share I then make a version of the same paint with my race number or a personalised number plate on it, I’ve never had to buy two versions of the same car to achieve this.

This entire rant.

With my added disgust at not being TOLD I’m about to lose an hour worth of work. Why can’t I save file 1, file 2, file 3, etc…

I would like to reiterate the frustration with items not lining up. If a stripe crosses into the side of the car, and I get it PERFECT on the right, why is is JACKED UP on the left? Same measurements, same rotation, same size, etc… WRONG. Frustrating.

Or how about when the stripe lines up with the hood perfectly, but the logo is off. HOW DO YOU MESS UP A LOGO ON A FERRARI?!?! Put it in the middle next time. (that’s what she said HA!)

Anyway, huge fan of painting, glutton for punishment because I try on FORZA.

And one more person that has this issue. Why can’t you download your OWN paint?

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I to am having the same issue with 3 designs shared but I only have the 1 in my designs. I would like to remove the other 2 to from share but cannot

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+1 to all the above.

and I have a few questions that someone may be able to answer:

if I make a change to my current design and it’s shared, how can I save it w/o it changing from shared to private and losing my download/like info?

why doesn’t the design gallery display the full design, wheels, ground effects, etc and allow the user to decide if they want to purchase the upgrades? many designs look so much different once you change it’s stance and ground effects, we’re losing a major part of the original design.

Is there any way to filter which of my design(s) were recently downloaded, liked, etc? this applies to vinyl groups as well. I would really like to be able to sort by downloads, likes, uses, date created.

is there a way to find all designs by a creator w/o having to be in the darn car?

I also cannot download my own design even when I do not have it in my library.

not paint related but:
is there a way to view your lap time and position in a replay?

how can I search and see what tracks my friends have raced, their times, or even send a simple challenge?

it’s been a great game and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. however it feels like they had everyone working on the vehicles, tracks etc and they put 1 part-time person on the UI, social, user performance/statistics portions.

ok I’m done ranting, if you made it this far thanks for listening haha.

Is there still no fix on this?

More botched, insane software logic by the same people,who brought you Microsoft Bob.

You’re way too kind, but misplaced in your attention. The user is the one over-writing the file, NOT the game.

The system will ask if you enter the same filename as previously, and if you so selected Yes it will do as the user directs - over-writing the file. Do NOT name files all the same.

I was mostly commenting about the inability to download your own design - like one might like to do if say, their profile was lost.

I’ve experienced this as well. Old versions of my liveries are still shared on the storefront… and I would also like the option of downloading my own designs rather than spending a month remaking them again.

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A lot of honest complaints and misinformed rants here…

Forza 4 definitely had the best system. The storefront was perfectly conceived and balanced, and it allowed people to decide and control everything that was shared on it. Turn 10 changed it in Forza 5 firstly because it was a rushed game in general and secondly because they thought that the previous system was too complicated for new players due to the specificity you had to give when finding a certain tune or design. The new system is just horrible, riddled with bugs and hard to navigate through. Thankfully Turn 10 announced that Horizon 3 would see the reintroduction of the storefront and auction house so hopefully we’ll be seeing the older, better system brought back once again.

Now, all that being said, you cannot get angry at the game for your own mistake. When you try to overwrite a file it literally gives you a disclaimer saying “Are you sure you want to overwrite this file? The old file will be lost and replaced with the new file.” So there’s no excuse for not knowing.

Here’s a tip: for the sake of not losing a specific file, always save the file before you exit the paint shop, then when you press B pick “Save design to current vehicle”. This will create another file that will be exactly the same as the one you saved before but it will say “Forza Livery”. Keep these files as backups in case you accidentally overwrite or delete the ones you saved personally.

Similar issue here.

Shared a design. Updated the design. Shared the update. Deleted the original but it still shows as a shared design (which I don’t want). Now I have no way to get it back to un-share it.

Turn 10/Microsoft, please fix this, it’s stupid. Whatever exploit you are worried about with people downloading their own designs there has to be some other fix for it.