How Do You "Like" Designs?

I have seen a few designs that I like but can only seem to download them…can someone tell me how you “like” them please?


Customise Tab → Paint Car -->My Designs

Then just select the design and click on Like.

I don’t want to like mine, I want to like other people’s.

That’s where all designs you have are saved…you have to download them before you can like them.


Hi all, note that if you use a DESIGN consistently the game will eventually prompt you to LIKE IT (I think its around 3- 5 uses of the same design on track) as well as the above method.

Most players probably don’t know they can like designs from the menus and wait until the game asks. As pointed out, this takes a few races. My best paints get dozens not hundreds of downloads, but most of mine have “# of uses” no more than double “# of downloads” and sometimes a lot less uses than downloads. So if it takes 5 or so races, then statistically speaking very few racers are ever getting the “do you want to like this design” dialog.

For completeness, how do you “unlike” a design?

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