How do you get into PvP matchmaking?

Hi there- new Forza player here, please forgive my ignorance.
So I finally finished the 4 seasons tutorial and am looking to get into PvP. I see that by going to a race starting point you can host a race, but I never get any takers when I host. I assume this is in part because I have no idea how to search for other player’s races. Where do I go in the menu to get matched with other players who are hosting? At this point I just want go race- I don’t need to be host.


Sounds like you are doing what you should be doing, just nobody wanting to join in… it happens… for whatever reason they limit the time to join to only 1 minute, if people are actually playing the game they may not be in a place where they can accept or in the middle of a skill chain or something. I assume you have joined a Club, if not Join one. Also, Have you tried to join other races? (by hitting the LB left bumper in free roam?) Try a couple of times and if no takers, try changing your online session, by going into your settings under “Horizon Life” and clicking on “Find New Session”