How do you change your email address for forum

It’s showing some wacky address I can’t find a way to change. Under forum profile. Is that right?
Bunch of random numbers -locked@forzamotorsport.invalid is what it shows.

I’m aware of that too

I wouldnt mess around with that till you get the okay from max, I have a feeling he mentioned to me that email address had something to do with the link to your xbox profile … but it may be something else im thinking of

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Hi leetorts, the random email numbers are on all user accounts as a result of the new forums migration process. We’re aware of interest in receiving email notifications and are looking into this feature. If you would, please create a post in the #forums-suggestions:forums-suggestions area about the type of notifications you might like to receive by email so other users can see it and chime in as well.


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