How do I paint my car's rims please on FH2 ???

I would like to paint my car’s rims but it says i must get after market rims? how do I get after market rims please?? Thanks for all answers.

Some stock rims arent able to be painted, chrome for example. Aftermarket ones are the ones which are in the alloy icon in the upgrade section, select one of those wheels and you can change the colour

Go to any hub, select upgrades and scroll to the right to the wheel/rim icon. In there make a selection of new rims and return to paint. VIOLA!



Stock rims are coated in a clear coat and polish full of magical properties. They cannot be painted because there is no feature in the game to sand them, prime them, paint them, and then re-coat them. You can paint the aftermarket rims because they can - in essence - be ordered from the manufacturer in almost any color, or they can be powder coated at an after market shop. Manufacturers do not typically do this unless a factory option comes with black wheels.

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P.S. try painting them from within a powerful antimagic field.

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Thanks for the answers!

I’ve always wondered what stock rims are coated in that doesn’t allow game paint to stick to them.