How do I hide the leaderboard in-race?

Hey Everyone,

I must be missing something here, but how do I hide the leaderboard during a race. I don’t want to see 12 player names on the right side of my screen when I’m racing. It blocks a significant portion of the screen. I always hid it in Horizon 3 at the beginning of ever race but I cannot get it to go away no. I’ve tried all the directions on the D-Pad and I believe every other button.

Any ideas?

HUD options in settings screen?

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I’ll check again. The only thing I remember seeing on the D-Pad was TTS. I have no idea what that is. Currently I have my down on d-pad set to telemetry

I pressed down on my dpad in team adventure by accident and it shrunk it to me and someone else, if thats of any use